Stockvalo Review: Stay Away From Stockvalo.Com


There were a couple of not-so-successful attempts to hide its critical sides and unregulated status. Stockvalo claims on its website it’s based in Cyprus and regulated by CySEC as well as having permission from the FCA to operate in the UK. 

If these claims were true, we’d have no problems confirming that by simply checking Stockvalo’s legal documents on their website, but we couldn’t find any. When you click on the Terms and Conditions link on this scammer’s website, you’ll see a 404 error page. 

We encourage you to keep reading our Stockvalo Review to see what else we found about this unscrupulous broker. 

The same goes for working with dishonest brokers, such as those listed below Grow Deposits, EGMarkets and Ecap24.

AddressStockvalo | 28 October Ave 3633107 Limassol | Cyprus
Email[email protected]
Minimum Deposit$500
RegulationNot regulated

How Are You Protected at Stockvalo?

You are most definitely not safe at Stockvalo, and this is confirmed by CySEC and their recent warning issued against this phony broker. 

The warning clearly states that Stockvalo hasn’t been granted by CySEC any authorization to conduct investment activities, so it’s confirmed that this scammer lied about its regulatory status. 

Regulatory bodies exist to monitor forex trading activities and ensure each one of us is protected from shady brokers like Stockvalo as much as possible. 

Licensed brokers offer a safety net as the trading market is quite risky as it is, which is why you should always invest with regulated brokers. 

Stockvalo Trading Software Overview

Stockvalo Trading Software

Stockvalo claims it provides MetaTrader 4 to clients, one of the best trading platforms in the industry. However, once we tried downloading the software, a 404 error page appeared, again. 

After registration and logging into your Stockvale account, you’ll be able to see some charts, and that’s about it. Scammers like Stockvale are known for promising high-quality, multi-functional trading software and then leaving you with either nothing or pretty much useless software. 

Regardless of the software though, the most important factor to pay attention to when choosing a broker to invest with is their regulatory status.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Stockvalo accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin as well as bank transfers as payment methods. 

There’s an actual table in which fees and estimated processing time for each of the methods, which seems somewhat reasonable. 

Stockvalo also claims they’’ keep their clients’ assets in segregated accounts as well as promising complete transparency when it comes to transactions. 

The problem is, once you try to make a deposit it’ll try to make you pay either with crypto or have you pay with your card via a shady payment processor. This is definitely a red flag, especially as crypto is very much favored by scammers as it’s virtually untraceable. 

How is the Scam Carried Out?

Most online trading scammers like Stockvalo work in similar ways when it comes to luring potential victims to invest with them. Usually, they attract people by promising huge profits and unbelievable bonuses, advertising their brokerage on social media and directly contacting people.

As these forex brokers are either completely unregulated or regulated by Tier 3 regulators, they are not monitored like their regulated counterparts, which poses a huge risk to people’s investments. 

Usually, people deposit their money and seemingly start trading, but after some time they’ll notice the withdrawal conditions are impossible to meet and that request’s processing periods are dragged and finally denied.

The Best Forex Brokers

As mentioned above, the very first thing one should do when choosing a broker is to check their regulatory status. 

Regulated brokers are the safest option because designated regulatory authorities exist to ensure ethical trading and fair opportunities for all. 

Besides fair trading, regulated brokers have to meet very strict requirements in order to become legitimate, and most of those requirements ask brokers to provide security for their client’s investments. 

Negative balance protection, transparency, top-quality trading platforms, and segregated accounts are just some of the perks one gets to enjoy by investing with a regulated broker. 

With that in mind, check out our recommendation below.

BrokerCountryRatingMin. DepositWebsite
FXTM BrokerCyprus, UK, Mauritius4.5$10Forextime.Com
OctaFX BrokerCyprus, SVG4.4$100OctaFX.Com
FP Markets BrokerAustralia, Cyprus4.7$100FpMarkets.Com
XM BrokerCyprus, Belize, Australia4.7$5XM.Com
HFM HF Markets BrokerCyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE, Kenya4.3$5HFM.Com
FBS BrokerCyprus, Belize, Marshall Islands4.85$100FBS.Com

Stockvalo Summary

A warning against this unregulated broker issued by one of the strictest financial institutions in the EU should be enough for you to decide against investing with Stockvalo. 

This fraudulent broker remains anonymous and without any license, so keep in mind that your funds are not safe with them. Additionally, the trading platform they promise is not what is delivered.

Before committing to any broker, you should know exactly what trading conditions you’re accepting, what platform is provided, and what are your rights as a client. And remember, think twice before taking any risks while investing your money. 

If you were unfortunate enough to get scammed, don’t feel embarrassed about reporting a scam. Getting your money back is possible and we can assist you by reporting your scammer.

FAQs About Stockvalo Broker

Is my Money Safe with Stockvalo?

Stockvalo was blacklisted by CySec, meaning Stockvalo is a fraudulent brokerage and your money is not safe with them. 

Is Stockvalo Legitimate Broker?

Stockvalo doesn’t hold any legitimate license and is not regulated by any relevant financial institution, meaning it’s a scam. 

What is Stockvalo Leverage?

Leverage, just like other important information, is not disclosed on Stockvalo’s website.



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