SuperFunded Review: Key Features, Pricing and Reviews Revealed

SuperFunded Review

The first thing you want to check with any company is who founded it. In this case, precise information is missing unless you dig into the company’s T&Cs. 

Still, even if you find some relevant information, you should research it. Otherwise, traders could be misled to believe something that is not true. Sadly, there’s one very important thing we have to watch out with this company. Keep reading this SuperFunded review and find out which one.

Company type Active proprietary trading company
Legal name Prop Trade Tech Pty Ltd
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Australia
Established 2017
Website https://superfunded.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts Web contact form
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees $119 – $1.400
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Australia, United States, India, Austria, United Kingdom
Main threats Poor customer support; negative reviews; potential withdrawal problems
Main perks None

Where Is the Company Registered?

As can be seen from the T&Cs, the company’s ownership belongs to Prop Trade Tech Pty Ltd. However, the ABN (Australian Business Number) 71 661 045 950 in the ASIC register is shared with another firm. That’s proptradetech.com, whose T&Cs are a bit more precise. In fact, these match exactly the name from the ASIC database PROPTRADETECH PTY LTD.

These small irregularities can make a whole lot of difference. But surely, two brands under the same business number sound suspicious.

When Was The Company Registered?

Another thing we have to watch out for is the registration date. The firm registered in Australia was officially founded on the 18th of July, 2022. Thus, the domain of the SuperFunded prop firm was registered in 2017. The other company’s domain was released on the 26th of July.

Who is copying whom, we are about to see. In any case, regardless of these details, an ASIC license exists. Thus, the company is limited by shares.

Traders Review – The Best Way To Know More

Unfortunately, the SuperFunded reviews don’t reveal anything good. In fact, 4 out of 5 comments on Trustpilot contain complaints.

The most surprising one is the withdrawal issue traders are talking about. But also, they are complaining about the poor customer service provided by this firm. But to see where that often leads, check our Mugan Markets review.

What Are SuperFunded Programs?

As can be seen, the company is offering five evaluation programs. Each program has certain requirements that have to be met by traders. Once the SuperFunded challenge is passed, traders can choose live accounts to trade with.

On the positive side, all trading is provided by a regulated Eightcap platform. However, that doesn’t make the SuperFunded proprietary trading firm safe. In any case, traders can choose between:

  • 15K for $129
  • 25K for $215
  • 50K for $350
  • 100K for $700
  • 200K for $1.400

Trading Requirements To Pass The Challenge

A fun fact is that a fee of $1.400 for a 200K account doesn’t make sense at all. All the evaluation stage accounts are demos. Therefore, what extra service do they have except to add more virtual funds? Think about it, does it make sense to pay $1.400 to get virtual funds. In any case, it’s quite surprising to see all programs have the same conditions. Those are:

  •  Profit Target – 10%
  •  Minimum Trading Days – 3
  •  Max Daily Loss – 7%
  •  Maximum Total Loss – 10%
  •  Leverage – 1:30
  •  Profit Split – 80%

Platforms and Trading Instruments Available

A trading platform is provided by the Eightcap company. Therefore, there’s no room for doubt you will have an outstanding experience. With all of the securities regulated brokerages provide and advanced features, results can be easily maximized. However, on a demo account, all that is irrelevant.

Another key fact about this company is that they are offering all five main instrument classes. Starting with Forex, indices, shares, cryptos, and commodities. Yet, ASIC registration is limiting the company by shares. This makes you wonder who to trust. But a company you can’t trust at all is Monaxa, and we recommend you avoid them at a wide angle.

Final Verdict: Prop Firm, Auto-Trading or Old-School Trading?

Generally, trading with proprietary companies doesn’t make sense. Firstly, you are paying to get a demo account and get evaluated. Whatever that means. If they are qualified to evaluate other traders, they definitely know how to trade themselves. But that involves risk. This way, as long as traders are paying for the challenge, they are doing fine.

On the other hand, you may opt for auto-trading features. Still, it’s hard to determine what tools you can trust. After all, if software fails once, who is to blame? Instead, in the long run, the most beneficial option is old-school trading. Understandably, only with top-tier licensed brokerages. Thus, you can modernize the procedure by using AI Analysis Tool and help yourself maximize your results quickly.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally, making money in the trading world has been overcomplicated. The key issue nowadays is to know whom you can trust. Therefore, we always suggest traders pick top-tier licensed companies. On top of that, if those same traders are looking for shortcuts, it may take a long time before they find it.

Consequently, using the company’s funds and buying auto-trading tools and signals is nonsense. What traders should do is equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools. Luckily, with the development of AI features, you can see numerous options out there, helping traders to make better decisions. One of the popular options is the AI Analysis Tool.

Forget about pressure from rude agents, swindlers, and trading bots. Once you start using AI Analysis Tools and understand the market faster, your decisions can easily replicate into good results. To see all the benefits of this tool, don’t hesitate to contact our team. After all, the first consultation is completely free. Yet, the information gained is priceless. Send us a message now.

FAQ Section

What is SuperFunded?

SuperFunded is a proprietary investment firm operating allegedly from Australia since 2017.

What is SuperFunded Profit Split?

The profit split with this company is 80/20 in favor of the client while some other firms offer up to 90/10.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading is considered when traders are using a company’s capital for trading instead of their own.

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