TraderAi Review: Main Risks Involved in Trading With This Company

TraderAi Review

In the first place, TraderAi company is not revealing any ownership details. Therefore, we are starting the analysis with the suspicion. According to their presentation, the company has more than 500k traders. Or 46 million. Or maybe 31 million? It’s quite unclear what they wanted to say.

In either case, we have discovered too many irregularities with this firm. That’s why we suggest you stay with us until the end. Our TraderAi review reveals some secrets that could save you tons of money.

Company type Active trading scam
Legal name N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in N/A
Established 2023
Website https://traderai.ai/; https://traderaiapp.pro/;
Financial Authorities Warnings ASIC
Contacts Phone; e-mail; live chat;
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Turkiye
Main threats No regulations; misleading information; non-transparent conditions;
Main perks None

Is TraderAi Legitimate Company?

Any company hiding its ownership details can’t be considered legit. But if we found that any top-tier regulator gave them a license, we wouldn’t mind. In fact, nobody would. 

Since the company is hiding its location as well, the best regulation for them would be from FCA, BaFin, or ASIC. These would provide much-needed protection with such unclear brokerage. Yet, we couldn’t find any records of this company being licensed.

On the contrary, digging deeper paid off, and we found a warning. Australian ASIC has just recently posted it. Don’t be confused. Moneysmart is a consumer page listed directly by ASIC.

What Do Other Traders Say?

If the warning is not enough, you can check TraderAi broker reviews. Only on Trustpilot can we already see 26 comments, and almost 25% of them are negative ones. The biggest issue revealed is the platform malfunction and manipulation, which is definitely expected from an unregulated company.

But what we didn’t expect is the company to lie openly about some facts. The numbers simply don’t add up. Firstly, on the broker’s website, the average rating on Trustpilot seems to be 4.4. In reality, it’s way lower than that. 

Secondly, the company claims to have 500k+ clients at best. Yet, PlayStore reveals their software is downloaded just a bit over 1.000 times. Also, the ratings on the website and store don’t match.

Features of The Trading Platform

For a start, the company is offering highly suspicious trading signals, mainly focusing on highly volatile cryptocurrencies. Another questionable option with this company is the auto-trading. Yet, TraderAi reviews revealed that we should not trust these. At least if you don’t want to end up on a zero balance.

Another problem is that this company uses TraderAi MT5 in its advertisements. Thus, download options are not available. In the end, it could just be another misleading element. If you choose this software with a licensed brokerage, that’s another story.

Is Mobile Trading Avaialble?

Indeed, yes. But only for Android users. It looks like the company’s app was removed from the AppStore. This is not strange for Apple when they know there are fraudulent apps listed there. But to see how to choose the apps properly and what benefits to look for, read our Trubluefx review.

What Instruments Clients Can Trade?

Given the presentation, traders might think this place is the right spot for investing. More than 1.600 CFDs, 75  Forex pairs, 18 cryptos, and 41 ETFs look quite promising. Yet, with all the lies seen so far, it’s hard to believe any of that. But without detailed transparency, none of these assets matter.

How Much Does It Cost To Trade With TraderAi Scam Broker?

To start with this company, you will need those standard $250. But that’s just to get started. However, trading costs like spreads and commissions are not revealed. Neither does the company reveal the leverage offered to retail customers. Generally, this is not a sign of a reliable investment firm.

Luckily, they are not charging for the TraderAi app. In the end, trading costs with unregulated firms are often way higher than traders expect. Even though there is a TraderAi demo account available, it’s risky to leave any details with this scam company. Same as with the Forex Lens that we reviewed as well.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal Procedure

The worst part about investing with this company is that the only payment option is crypto. Knowing the nature of these transactions, you can only expect issues because it’s hard to trace them. In addition, those transfers are virtually irreversible. Practically, once you send the money, the money is gone.

Since the company doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy, all other problems can be expected. Starting with insanely high fees, extended withdrawal processing times, and verification issues.

Final Conclusion: Worth it or Dump It?

If traders don’t learn regulation means everything in trading, they will be scammed. Therefore, this company is just to be avoided at a wide angle. Shady software is used, there are unknown trading conditions, poor support, and negative reviews. All this combined tells you that you’ll go through a nightmare with them.

Instead, learn what brokers you can trust. Learn what tools to use. But also, be ahead of time and start implementing AI tools in everyday business. You can see it helps in every industry. Why not test it out in trading?

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generating profits might look easy for companies like TraderAi. They are using fictive platforms often controlled through the back end. But once you start trading with regulated companies, you realize it’s harder than you think.

With any regulated firm, you will see a disclaimer that 85% of traders lose money. It’s not without a reason. But if you choose AI Analysis Tool to help you with trading, these numbers can get better. With an in-detail analysis of certain assets, traders can get a market forecast in a second. But for a regular trader, it takes a lot longer to analyze historical charts, patterns, and news.

Most importantly, AI Analysis Tool users keep control over their accounts and money. If you are sick of swindlers trying to extort money from you, now is the time to change that. Get in touch with us and find out how AI Analysis Tool can help you maximize your results.

FAQ Section

What is TraderAi?

TraderAi is a company with an unknown legal owner that has been offering FX and CFD services since 2023.

Is TraderAi Regulated?

No. The company is operating without any authorization from trusted regulators. Moreover, there is a warning published by ASIC against this company.

Can I Trust TraderAi With My Money?

Definitely not. Without trusted licenses and transparent conditions, you can only expect issues. Primarily when it comes to withdrawals.

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