Terrarobo Review: If You Don’t Avoid Them You’ll Get Trapped

Terrarobo review

The most interesting fact is that the company already changed its domain in the same year. In any case, the business remains the same. Swindlers present themselves as legitimate while in the background, they are planning a heist. But in your pockets!

So, to be aware of all their tricks, read this Terrarobo review carefully. Also, you’ll get all the necessary tips for keeping your funds safe.

Company Type FX and CFD trading scam
Legal name N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in UK (allegedly)
Established 2023
Website Terrarobo.com; terrarobo.pro
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone, web-from
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Finland
Main threats Lack of regulations; shady bonus and withdrawal policy;
Main perks None

Regulation and Security

One of the leading signs of this investment scam is a lack of regulations, to be straightforward with you. Firstly, the company claims to be in the UK. Yet, we all know how strict the FCA is when it comes to finances. Therefore, we checked their database and Terrarobo was not there.

Not only that, but neither are they listed in any other Tier 1 regulation register. For instance, BaFin, ASIC or CFTC. Therefore, you can’t expect funds security, especially not features like negative balance protection, segregated bank accounts for clients’ funds and compensation schemes.

Trading Platform and Its Features

Another thing that rings a scam bell is their auto-trading system offer. The idea is to sell customers fake financial freedom. Yet, without adequate licenses, you can’t trust a single word they are saying. The company’s platform is a plain web trader with only basic functionalities. Such as stop-loss, pending orders, basic indicators and chart optimization features.

Thus, if you are looking for social and copy trading, you have to look somewhere else. But most importantly, with a licensed investment firm. In addition to that, we can suggest you try our AI Analysis Bot. We are sure you are sick of these swindlers and their fairy tales. Therefore, start using advanced technology to predict market movements and make the right choices!  

How Much It Will Cost You To Trade Here?

What makes the company’s account types suspicious is the benefits you get for higher deposits. Instead of lower fees and better conditions, you can only get a higher bonus and leverage to risk it. Also, there are trading plans and personalized assistance included. But only after you deposit more than $50k.

Anyway, the options are:

  • Standard       $250
  • Bronze          $2.500
  • Silver            $10.000
  • Gold             $25.000
  • Platinum       $50.000
  • VIP               $100.000

Fees, Commissions and Leverage

With leverage of 1:100 and a bonus of up to 100%, you can forget about withdrawals. Not to mention that the company doesn’t reveal any fees. Also, the commission is stated to be zero.

How Terrarobo Platform Reach Clients and Who Are They?

Since the company is not active on social media, you can expect hard-sales marketing campaigns. Every now and then, you will see one auto-trading system advertised. Traders that believed their scamming story came from:

  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Finland

But very often, those ended up with a web-based platform with plenty of manipulations. That’s why using third-party technology with independent and licensed brokerage is the key to success. After this Terrarobo analysis, we suggest you check for more illicit tricks in our IntraO review.

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t reveal any funding methods. Nor deposit or withdrawal fees. However, there are strict policies when it comes to withdrawing the funds. In fact, the company has a few requirements that have to be met before accepting a withdrawal. However, their processing time of 2-7 business days gives them plenty of time for manipulations.

The company can create an environment easily where you are not meeting the requirements. Consequently, they can decline your withdrawal request. Not to mention there is a shady bonus policy where you need to make insanely high trading volume before requesting any funds.

Of course, if you decide to ignore them and just stop trading, they will continue charging you $50 every month for an inactivity fee. Practically, wherever you look, you can find irregularities. But this company is not the only one like that. Expand your wisdom by reading our OnspotBNK review as well.

Can You Trust Their Customer Support?

Generally speaking, the terrarobo.com has quite poor contact options. There is only one phone line with the UK number. Besides, you can only send them a question through a web form. Yet, without any records in the UK registers, you know their number is completely fake. Most likely a VOIP service.

In any case, if you can’t reach them or they are continuously pressuring you to continue trading, there is something wrong. Believe it or not, with licensed brokerages, you won’t go through that torture.

Is There a Way To Be Profitable In Trading and Not Getting Scammed?

Being profitable is not an easy task. Many traders are losing funds because it takes years to learn everything you need to know. Unless you are using these recently developed technologies. Where AI is the main topic nowadays. That’s why we encourage you to book a meeting with our specialists to present you with an AI Analysis Bot.

Make your trading effortless with its advanced features. Choose the right trades at the right time based on a combination of algorithms that analyze historical and live data.

Most importantly, you have the freedom to choose primarily the broker you are working with. But also, the trades you want to follow. So, if you use a licensed brokerage and AI Analysis Bot, you have a perfectly safe environment. Get in touch now and find out more!

FAQ Section

What Is Terrarobo?

It’s an investment firm with an extremely shady background, an unknown headquarters address and too many warning signs.

Is Terrarobo a Scam Or Legit?

Since they are not regulated, they are immediately considered a scam. But to find a safe environment for your investments book a consultation with our experts.

How Terrarobo Works?

The company mainly manipulates traders with shady platform and malicious conditions. Instead, we suggest you choose a Tier 1 licensed broker and use third-party technology like AI Analysis Bot.

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