The Talented Trader Review – Which Challenge Will You Choose From?

The Talented Trader Review

What is the optimal number of accounts? Perhaps this presents the ideal solution you’ve been seeking, embodying the pinnacle of trading experiences you’ve pursued. 

Realize your objectives with the flexible assessment packages provided by The Talented Trader. A notable advantage lies in the firm’s extensive array of challenges, allowing you to meticulously compare options and invest according to your preferred budget.

Company type Proprietary Firm
Legal name The Talented Trader
Regulation Not expected
Registered in UK
Established 2023
Website thetalentedtrader.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible After 14 trading days
Fees Fees vary
If Active on Social Media: telegram.com





Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, United States
Main threats Regulatory compliance 
Main perks Flexible trading and funding opportunities, 

User Satisfaction

We found mixed The Talented Trader reviews. One user highlighted how their insightful techniques and expert advice have transformed their trading journey. They express gratitude for the significant growth in investments.

Another user acknowledges the abundance of data provided by the firm’s app but expresses dissatisfaction with its user-friendliness and clarity. In contrast, a satisfied user emphasizes the importance of reliability when choosing a trading firm. They recount their experience with other firms, none of which provided payouts, before finding success with The Talented Trader.

However, every firm is bound to have negative comments. One user criticizes the firm, lambasting its service quality. They express frustration over denied payouts despite repeated attempts to resolve issues. Similarly, another user voices dissatisfaction with the firm’s customer service, stating that their lack of responsiveness tarnishes the firm’s reputation.

The firm was recently established, so it would be beneficial for the company to make an effort to improve its customer service. Overall, The Talented Trader has received a great score of 4.2 on Trustpilot, with over 300 reviews, yet, as seen from the source, user experiences vary widely. 

Additional Ratings

Researching more about its feedback, we found a comment on Reddit where one user shared their story. Initially, The Talented Trader prop firm seemed promising with its tailored solutions, including fast payouts and high-frequency trading. 

However, the reviewer’s experience revealed a failure to deliver on these promises. Despite devising a successful trading approach, delays and unresponsiveness marred the payout process. As evident from these reviews, concerns regarding the firm’s responsiveness and customer service persist. 

Despite the appeal of their offerings, bad customer service will always tarnish the overall experience for users. Addressing these issues could greatly enhance the firm’s reputation and ensure a more positive experience for its clients. Always trust regulated prop firms that practice transparency, such as Wall Street Funded

1-Step Challenge – How It Works?

The firm offers the 1-Step Funding Challenge. and users should note that there are no restrictions on the duration of the challenge; traders can take their time or aim to complete it in a single day. Looking these The Talented Trader challenge ranges, six account types vary on the funding amount the trader chooses.

1-Step Challenge 10K 50K 200K
Funding amount USD 10,000 USD 50,000 USD 200,000
One-time fee USD 199 USD 399 USD 999

We compared three challenges, users have available funded accounts of 5K, 25K, and 100K. Since platforms are prone to changing their appearance, pricing, and offerings, it’s best to visit the official website for in-depth and accurate information. Successful completion of the challenge earns traders a The Talented Trader funded account. 

Following the completion of the challenge, traders can anticipate payouts. Initially, after 21 trading days, traders will receive their first The Talented Trader payout, with subsequent payouts occurring at intervals. The profit split starts at 50% for the first payout, increasing to 70% for the second, and thereafter remaining at 80% in favor of the trader. 

profit target  maximum daily drawdown maximum drawdown
10% 4%  8%

Other Challenges

Besides the 1-step challenge which is proven to be more versatile, it’s also the most popular among users. However, there are three more options when it comes to The Talented Trader’s challenges. For individuals looking for a good read about AI trading tools, check out our Option Samurai Review

  • Classic Funding Challenge: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, and 200K Classic Challenges offer various funding amounts with corresponding one-time fees. Provide structured challenges with predefined profit targets and risk management guidelines. Ideal for traders preferring a more traditional challenge format with specific profit goals and risk limits.
profit target  maximum daily drawdown maximum drawdown
phase 1: 7% / phase 2: 5% 5% 10%

The duration of this challenge is a minimum of 5 days, and traders can reach a maximum of 30 days, an additional 80% profit split with the trader.

  • No Limits Challenge: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, and 200K,  from one program to the other offer increasing funding amounts with corresponding one-time fees. Offers a challenge without limits on profit potential. 
profit target  maximum daily drawdown maximum drawdown
phase 1: 8% / phase 2: 5% 4% 10%

Can you guess the duration of this challenge? There are no minimum or maximum trading days. Initial profit split at 75%, subsequent splits at 80% in favor of the trader. Traders begin by achieving an 8% profit target in the first phase with flexibility in trading duration. Note that all fees are refundable considering these two programs.

  • Instant Funding: This evaluation program goes from 1K to 64K in funding amount. The key aspects are that the profit split goes up to 95%, HFT is allowed, there are no minimum or maximum days, and the option provides low spreads and commissions.

Presence on Socials

The company maintains a presence across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Discord. With nearly 3,000 subscribers on Telegram and over 6,000 members on Discord, these platforms serve as invaluable hubs for traders to connect, share insights, and engage with The Talented Trader community.

On Telegram, members have access to real-time updates, market insights, and exclusive announcements directly from The Talented Trader team. Similarly, The Talented Trader Discord also offers an interactive environment where traders can join, dedicated to specific topics, such as trading strategies, market analysis, and technical support. 

The Talented Trader

In conclusion, The Talented Trader offers a comprehensive range of challenges that provide traders with the opportunity to achieve their goals while benefiting from flexible evaluation bundles with varying profit targets and risk management guidelines. Despite mixed user reviews highlighting concerns about responsiveness and customer service, The Talented Trader has a respectable score on Trustpilot, reflecting its positive impact on many traders’ journeys.

Overall, while challenges persist, addressing feedback and focusing on improving customer service could further enhance The Talented Trader’s reputation and ensure a positive experience for its users. As always, we advise potential users to get valid data and do thorough research before committing to any financial platform.


What is The Talented Trader?

It’s a prop trading firm that offers evaluation programs that allow traders to showcase their skills and potentially receive funding to trade with the firm's capital.

Is The Talented Trader Legit Prop Firm?

The company appears to be legitimate. Many traders have completed these programs and successfully received funding. Additionally, it has a great score of 4.2 on Trustpilot.

Who Owns The Talented Trader?

Archie Cade is the founder of the firm. Therefore, he would be considered the owner of The Talented Trader.

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