Thomas Kralow Review: A Critical Analysis of Thomas Kralow’s Mentorship

Thomas Kralow Review

Let’s get straight to the facts – the Thomas Kralow Trading Education Academy. We must say that this is not your typical finance lecture hall. Whether you’re knee-deep in stocks or just testing everything out, Kralow’s got a spot for you to learn. This Thomas Kralow review spills the beans on what’s on the table, from the best features to whether it’s worth your investment. Keep reading for more!

Company type Thomas Kralow
Legal name Thomas Kralow LLC
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in Wyoming
Established 2019
Website https://www.thomaskralow.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings None found
Contacts [email protected], [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible n/a
Fees n/a
If Active on Social Media: Yes, on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and X
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas India, Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Latvia
Main threats Mixed sentiment
Main perks CPD Certified mentor, active on social media

Behind the Scenes of Thomas Kralow’s Trading Academy

Thomas Kralow is the brains behind ‘University Grade Trading Education.’ This is a popular Thomas Kralow crypto course everyone is talking about. This man has a substantial following and nods from Forbes, Bloomberg, and NASDAQ.

Also, we can see that Kralow doesn’t hide his trading results. You can check them out on the website and decide if he’s the mentor you’re looking for.

How Thomas Kralow Does His Thing

Kralow believes in a steady trading strategy. It’s good to know that his courses cover more than just technical stuff.

We see that they get into 80% of trading that’s not only simple analysis. You’ve got 150 days to absorb lessons, handle homework, and then ace the final exam to become a certified trading pro. This indeed sounds interesting to us!

Thomas Kralow’s Crash Courses

Notably, Kralow provides students with Basic, Complete, and Shortened programs. These programs are truly made for different needs and preferences. Let’s take a look!

Tip: If you are thinking about a Thomas Kralow free course option, there isn’t any. All of his courses come at a price. 

The Starter Pack: Basic Program

As you may know, this one is made just for beginners. The Basic program is a 21-day crash course for those who need Trading 101.

It’s got 2 chapters, 20 lessons, and quizzes to keep you practicing. However, you might want to skip this one and focus on the bigger topics.

Complete Program

Now, this is something for more advanced students. The Complete Thomas Kralow course is the real deal.

It contains 202 lessons, 16 chapters, and a bunch of quizzes and assignments to help you out. You can graduate, and you get a diploma with a nice GPA, based on how well you rocked those quizzes and assignments. This is indeed motivating in our opinion!

Shortened Program

If you’re not into far-reaching topics, the ‘Shortened’ program is a good option. It contains the same info as the ‘Complete’ one, minus the intro chapters. This one is perfect for professional traders who know what they want.

And guess what? You can save all this as a PDF for a chill read on a rainy day. How’s that for convenience?

Fun fact: The “Slope of Hope” is a concept popularized by financial expert Robert Prechter. It refers to a glimmer of hope in a bearish market. This suggests that even as stock prices are falling, there is still hope for a rally.

Program Delivery

When it comes to program delivery, Kralow offers 3 levels for his education programs. Let’s break it down:

  • Standard: Here you get the course materials plus access to the Thomas Kralow community forum for student interaction. This learning program is 100% independent, and available 24/7.
  • Assisted: Similar content to Standard but with guidance from a Thomas Kralow stock trading academy advisor. This course is marketed as a 60% independent and 40% assisted learning split. We can see that extra perks include individual homework checking, a personal live assistant, and real-money trading support.
  • Assisted Plus: The most comprehensive but comes at a huge price. Same content as Assisted, plus personal guidance from Kralow himself. It includes checking trading algorithms, one-to-one mentorship, and a lifetime 20% discount on other products and services.


It’s sad to say but Kralow’s courses aren’t free. Prices vary:

  • Basic Program Costs:
    • Standard ($123),
    • Assisted ($369),
    • Assisted Plus ($899).
  • Complete and Shortened Programs:
    • Standard ($395/month or $1,280 upfront),
    • Assisted ($875/month or $2,960 upfront),
    • Assisted Plus ($6,125/month or $19,980 upfront).

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Client Reviews from Trustpilot

What is there to know about reviews from other students and traders? This trading academy has an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.7 stars. This is indeed incredible!

However, it’s crucial to note that some students said they lost money and labeled Kralow as a scammer. So, always exercise caution and opt for safe platforms and brokers with 4.5 stars or more.

Customer Support

If you need help from Thomas Kralow, you can reach out via email or phone. Still, we must say the telephone number becomes available only after you’ve enrolled, not on their website. For email inquiries, here are the addresses:

Now, if you’re enrolled in the Assisted or Assisted Plus programs, you get a personal assistant. These assistants can help with specific questions about the course. Also, you can reach out to them for 30 days after the program.

Earning Money Trading

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Final Words

Last but not least, this company indeed has comprehensive educational materials. Still, the price is way too high, and there are some troubling reviews.

Remember to be mindful in the trading world. Look out for shady firms and prioritize platforms that prioritize your safety and success. And, don’t forget our offer – the AI Analysis Tool, your ultimate companion for smart trading decisions. 


Who is Thomas Kralow?

Thomas Kralow is a trader, entrepreneur, and founder of 'University Grade Trading Education.

Where is Thomas Kralow From?

Thomas Kralow is originally from Latvia.

How Much Does Thomas Kralow Course Cost?

Prices vary. Basic courses start at $123, and programs like Assisted Plus reach up to $6,125 monthly.

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