TopDogTrading Review: More About Barry Burns and Its Program

TopDogTrading review

TopDogTrading blog and program was started a long time ago, in 2006. The founder of the program is Barry Burns, the former CME floor broker. At least, that’s what the website presentation says.

Also, it seems there are many of his contributions in books, interviews, and news. Yet, searching some of those didn’t bring any results. Nevertheless, Barry Burns is a real person if that’s what worries you. But our TopDogTrading review will bring you some interesting facts that could help you make a decision.

Company Type Trading education platform
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2006
Website Topdogtrading.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone; e-mai; live chat;
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees From $70
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Main threats Lack of pricing transparency; poor customer support; too many negative reviews;
Main perks None

Legal Information: Is TopDogTrading Scam?

From the regulatory standpoint, the company doesn’t need to have any, which is clearly presented in their disclaimer. Also, they are not liable for any losses that are occurred upon finishing their trading course. Also understandable. But that tells you they are making money out of you without any risk. You are the one who will risk the money!

If you think about it for a second, it all makes sense. All these guys offering trading programs are ex-traders. If they were anything good, they would still be trading. Yet, they want risk-free income. That’s why TopDogTrading courses might be speculative.

What Do Other Traders Say About The Course?

As it looks, many traders found this company unreliable, primarily with their customer support. Out of 193 comments on Trustpilot, more than 10% come with some complaints. Some clients even reported not receiving what they paid for.

Also, some traders have TopDogTrading login problems after payments. All in all, it is not something you want to see when you are paying for something. Yet, our Palo Traders review can help you learn how to find the right values in trading.

What Does TopDogTrading Offer?

To be honest, there is a wide range of options with TopDogTrading company. Yet, it remains questionable if those are reliable and worth the money. Anyway, the courses are quite expensive. Therefore, you might rethink whether it is a good deal or invest that money directly with Tier 1 licensed brokerages.

Another key fact with these courses is that some of them include a money-back guarantee (MBG). But also there are some discrepancies in the presentation as well. For instance, some programs have strictly excluded refunds, yet there’s a money-back guarantee on the payment page. Of course, without any regulations, all this is questionable.

Anyway, the services offered by the company are: 

  • System course #1 – Cycles and Trends – $497 with 90-day MBG
  • System course #2 – Momentum – $498 without refunds – still 14-day MBG on the payment page
  • Intermediate day trading course – $995 without refunds – still 14-day MBG on the payment page
  • TopDogTrading swings indicators and – $997 without refunds – still 14-day MBG on the payment page
  • Fibonacci trading course – $96/$997 for advanced with 14-day MBG
  • Price action course – $96/$997 for advanced with 14-day MBG
  • Video tutorials – $69
  • Up-to-date continuing education – $150/month

Free Subscription

Throughout the whole presentation, the company offers something for free. But in every case, you need to leave your contact details to get it. It’s understandable but still questionable. Anyway, a free subscription includes TopDogTrading indicators, trading setups, and free video materials.

Customer Service

One of the biggest issues in the trading industry nowadays is customer support. If the company fails there, many traders would change their minds. That’s exactly the potential issue with this firm. Even though it appears they have good contact options, support is not as helpful as it should be. You can reach the company via phone, e-mail, and live chat. Yet, they will respond to you within 24 hours.

Generally, knowing that some platforms respond within minutes, this is quite disappointing. Therefore, we suggest you check our Flatex review and see why trusted support is crucial.

Final Verdict: All The Pros and Cons Summarized

Considering how much money you have to throw away to get the result, you could let it sit in a few stocks and watch it grow. You are still not investing anything by throwing money away in any trading course. Yes, you can profit in the future, but all that is speculative.

Therefore, you should start thinking about AI tools that could replace these tons of educational materials. Otherwise, you’ll be giving money away and getting nothing in return. In fact, all these things you can learn for free on numerous YouTube channels or even with Tier 1 licensed brokerages.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Overall, trading courses can be really helpful, especially if you join communities where you can follow experienced traders. Yet, if you are not trading with them directly, you can only try copying them. But that’s blind trust and often ends up bad.

Instead, you should start using automated features and AIs. For instance, an AI Analysis Tool helps you analyze the market like a pro and have a reliable market forecast. Most importantly, it’s not just a signal. it’s a full analysis that helps you understand the market and make the right moves.

Also, you are in charge of your funds, and only you can choose how much to invest. Not some automated software that will expose your whole balance. We know traders are sick of fake signals, scam brokerages, or trading gurus. Therefore, get in touch and find out how AI Analysis Tool can improve your trading today!

FAQ Section

What is TopDogTrading?

TopDogTrading is an educational platform offering a wide range of software choices, trading strategies, and courses.

Is TopDogTrading Legit?

According to many negative reviews, it appears this company has its downsides. Therefore, you should rethink your choices before you get in trouble.

Can I Learn How to Trade With TopDogTrading Course?

Definitely. You can learn something from every course. Yet, disclaimers say the company is not liable for any of your losses in the future. That tells you enough about credibility.

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