TradeProofer Review: How Effective Can a Free Software Be?

TradeProofer Review

Read our TradeProofer review to learn more about this business and its features. Find out if this free software can be just as effective as the one you pay for or if everything evolves around money these days. Learn about features, reviews, and overall operations before committing.

A platform for FX trading called TradeProofer provides traders with information and tools to improve their performance and trading methods. The platform also offers services to brokers, which is how they earn money. To learn more, keep reading, and don’t forget to check out Right Line Trading.

About TradeProofer

TradeProofer Forex is a software that gives traders the tools and insights they need to analyze their transactions and enhance their trading performance. It provides tools including trade copying, trade analysis, and a community forum for traders to exchange tactics and ideas. 

The platform seeks to assist traders in becoming more effective traders by helping them recognize trends in their trading behavior and help them learn from their failures. Reports on the execution of trades are available to traders automatically. They may now view the market spread and trade execution versus the broker spread thanks to this. 

The technology also allows traders to view events that occurred just before and following the execution of a trade. The TradeProofer MT4 software is silent, which means that no trades are made by it. Keep reading to learn more and make sure to check out Profitsrun.

Company Type Forex trading technology and services
Legal name TradeProofer Ltd.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 77 High Street, Littlehampton, GB
Established 2014
Website tradeproofer.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Web Form
  • Live Chat
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • $550/month
  • $2,750/month
  • $5,500/month
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Australia, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Mexico, Philippines
Main threats Lack of reviews;
Main perks Free to use;

TradeProofer Features

With the partner program, you can get paid up to $1800 for each recommendation. The firm will handle closing the deal for you if you just introduce a lead; you will only be paid if the lead converts. Traders can also monitor the TradeProofer slippage using MT4.

TradeProofer gives you the advantage you need to encourage acquisitions and research competitors. With information on more than 80 brokers, TradeProofer keeps you up to date on the market. The industry benchmark that is trusted by top forex brokers and financial periodicals is their independent data, which is given by retail traders worldwide.

Multiple VPS and database cloud providers host TradeProofer’s systems, guaranteeing minimum service interruption. Every recorded data set is put through a rigorous quality verification procedure, and their proprietary data aggregation engine processes over two billion ticks of data each month. 

Access actionable insights through TradeProofer’s APIs, CSV reports, charts, widgets, and data visualizations, or request custom solutions from their team. Traders can use the TradeProofer trade price checker tool to spot broker scams, like stop-hunting, undue slippage, and poor trade execution in general, which can be of great help when choosing the right brokerage company.

TradeProofer Price

The software is completely free to use and traders are not required to leave their card details to start using it. However, TradeProofer earns money by selling its services to brokers. It offers 3 pricing tiers tailored to different needs: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

All TradeProofer off-the-shelf products, broker’s raw and standard data, plus data from five more broker accounts at an extra $110 per month each are included in the Standard package, which has a monthly starting price of $550.

All off-the-shelf products, data from over 80 recorded broker accounts, the option to request the addition of new MT4 accounts, and unlimited event spread reports are all included in the $2,750/month Pro plan. The demo account is also included for all plans.

For traders with more sophisticated requirements, TradeProofer’s AFTR-Trade technology, full access to the Pro package, and the opportunity for custom technology development upon request are all included in the $5,500/month Enterprise plan.

TradeProofer Reviews

There are no reviews about this platform on any of the well-known networks like Trustpilot or Sitejabber. Considering this company was established in 2014, we expected at least a couple of comments, however, there are none. Luckily, we found this discussion on Forex Peace Army.

There are only 4 comments and all of them are favorable. One trader was confused as to what this company is in general and what it provides, so other traders replied and explained. Additionally, traders say the service is free and it helped them spot scam brokers. Overall, we are not satisfied with the number of comments.

Final Words…

The service TradeProofer provides to traders is completely free, which is a convenient way to get more leads. Besides the affiliate program, this company earns money by selling services to brokers instead of traders. You’re encouraged to give them a try and if it doesn’t work out, hey, at least they’re free.

Additionally, the lack of reviews seems concerning, as there are no genuine reviews to rely on. In conclusion, TradeProofer is a community for forex traders, where they can post trades and they will indicate whether or not their fill price was out of sync with the market. Joining them is completely free, and they use it to identify scammers. They can identify stop-hunting, slippages, requotes, and other unpleasant broker practices.

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FAQ Section

What is TradeProofer?

TradeProofer is a platform for FX trading that provides traders with information and tools to improve their trading performance. It offers features like trade copying, trade analysis, and a community forum for traders to exchange tactics and ideas.

Is TradeProofer Legit?

TradeProofer is a legitimate platform for FX trading. It offers valuable tools and insights to help traders improve their trading strategies and performance.

How to Find a Good Trading Brokerage?

Finding a good trading brokerage involves researching different brokers, and considering factors like regulation, fees, trading platforms, and customer support. It's also important to read reviews and consider recommendations from experienced traders.

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