Profitsrun Review: Learning About Trading From Profitsrun.com

Profitsrun Review

Reputable financial education provider Profits Run provides traders and investors with a selection of tools and services aimed at enhancing their trading abilities and reaching their financial objectives.

Additionally, the Profitsrun newsletter gives users access to regular information on market conditions and trading possibilities. Transparency and great customer support are what keeps this firm still going.

But before committing, read this Profitsrun review to better understand the courses and overall features to determine whether or not this educational platform is suited to your personal needs. Additionally, make sure to check out Zoomtrader.

About Profitsrun

Profits Run is an educational organization that helps traders become more skilled and make better investment decisions by providing trading classes, tools, and newsletters. They are well-known for their trading software and tools, which help traders analyze markets and spot successful trading opportunities, as well as for their courses on trading stocks, options, and FX.

Bill and Greg Poulos started the business to give traders and investors the skills and resources they need to be successful in the financial markets. Trading classes, which include subjects like stock, options, and forex trading, are among Profits Run’s main products. 

These courses are intended for traders of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros, and they emphasize teaching useful tactics and methods that can be used in actual trading scenarios.

Company Type Educational platform
Legal name Profits Run, Inc.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 28317 Beck Rd Suite E4, Wixom, MI 48393
Established 2018
Website profitsrun.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom;
Main threats Lack of transparency; Too many unfavorable reviews;
Main perks Programs and courses look promising at first glance;

Profitsrun Programs

Instant Options Alert: This weekly trading technique focuses on leveraging credit spreads with weekly options to trade within a 16-day window. 

Wave Catcher Alert: The daily trading program is intended to trade in the range of market activity that is generally observed around a market anomaly lasting ten days. It seeks to spot and seize anomalies and trends in the market to create lucrative trading opportunities.

Trade Alert Software – Rapid Trading Engine: Trade alert software with innovative filtering features is part of this package. Every night after the markets close, it automatically detects options trades and presents traders with possible trading opportunities based on predetermined parameters.

Profitsrun Courses

Stock Market Mastery: The fundamentals of stock trading are covered in this Profitsrun course, along with how to evaluate stocks, interpret stock charts, and create trading plans.

Options Trading Mastery: The main subject of this course is trading options, including risk management, using options techniques, and comprehending options contracts.

Forex Trading Mastery: The foundations of forex trading are covered in this course, along with how to use trading platforms, evaluate forex charts, and trade currency pairs.

Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery: The fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading are covered in this course, along with how to use exchanges, trade cryptocurrencies, and examine cryptocurrency charts.

Advanced Trading Strategies: Experienced traders who want to advance in their trading should take this course. It goes over risk management methods, sophisticated trading strategies, and trading in erratic markets.

These are only a couple of many courses that Profitsrun provides. Additionally, they provide classes on subjects including technical analysis, trading software, and trading psychology. Every course is created to give traders the information and abilities they need to be successful in the financial markets.

Profitsrun Price

The price of the courses and programs is not displayed on the website, indicating a huge lack of transparency. However, countless reviews on Forex Peace Army talk about pricing and how nothing this firm offers is worth the money it charges.

For example, traders are mentioning pricing that ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, and some of them were charged an additional $100 without any knowledge. Upon reaching out to Profitsrun support, we were advised pricing will be provided upon registering, which is a red flag.

Profitsrun Reviews

Unfavorable comments about Bill Poulous are everywhere on Forex Peace Army, which is a trustworthy review provider. From complaints about expensive courses and programs to Bill himself, it’s difficult to place your trust in this company after reading the reviews.

Besides several traders complaining about spam emails, there are also complaints about suspicious charges, denied refunds, and plenty more! We suggest taking a deep look before committing as there are over 40 reviews and the company is a 2-star rated business.

Additionally, Profits Run has a rating of 4.21 stars on Sitejabber from 75 reviews, and while the majority are positive, 15 comments in total expressed difficulties in working with this company. There is a lot of similarity in the comments, as they all complain about money. We suggest staying away from this business as the reviews are rather unfavorable.

Payment Options and Process

Before paying for the subscription or any of the individual services, traders are required to register at the Profitsrun login page. Upon registering, traders will be contacted by customer support with the pricing and plans, which is just suspicious and definitely not transparent.

Paying with credit cards is an option, and that includes all major cards like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. Additionally, users can pay using PayPal. It’s mentioned that refunds are not available and considering how many traders complained, that is probably the case.

Final Words…

Profits Run provides traders with a variety of instructional resources and trading tools to assist them advance their knowledge and reach their financial objectives. But, it’s crucial to thoroughly weigh the costs, customer feedback, and company openness before making a decision. 

Profitsrun has helped some traders succeed, while others have expressed unfavorable feedback about the price of the programs and courses as well as the quality of customer service. Additionally, the lack of transparency is concerning, especially when it comes to pricing.

Overall, we are not satisfied with this educational platform, as there are better alternatives for much less money and more reliability. You will have more luck learning about trading from a regulated broker like AximTrade rather than spending time on Profitsrun.

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FAQ Section

What is Profitsrun?

Profits Run is a financial education company that offers trading courses, software, and newsletters to help traders improve their skills and make better investment decisions.

Is Profitsrun a Good Educational Provider?

Considering countless reviews from traders, we can’t confirm that Profitsrun is a good educational provider. While their courses and programs look promising, client feedback is an indication that nothing is as it seems.

How to Pick a Good Trading Company?

To pick a good trading company, consider factors such as reputation, track record, transparency, customer support, and the range of products and services offered.

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