TradeThePool Review: Exploring Features, Risks, and Rewards

TradeThePool Review

TradeThePool prop firm is gaining attention as a solid pick for stock traders. It gives us up to 80% profit splits, unlimited buying power, and a nice selection of over 12,000 stocks. Let’s dig into our review to grasp why this firm is catching the eye of the stock trading scene. Keep reading this TradeThePool review for more info!

Company type Prop Firm
Legal name Five Percent Online Ltd.
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in 14 Haroshet St, Raanaa, Israel
Established 2021
Website https://tradethepool.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings None found
Contacts [email protected]
If withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees From $97
If Active on Social Media: Yes, LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Meta, etc. 
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany
Main threats High prices
Main perks a portfolio of over 12,000 stocks, penny stocks, CDFs, and ETFs

A Straight-Up Trading Hub

Founded in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur, an independent forex trader, Trade The Pool is the brainchild of Five Percent Online Ltd., a company that operates The5ers. After all, this platform is about providing a fair and transparent space for stock trading.

It wants to wipe out sneaky fees and tricks. As we check out the offerings, it’s clear that the TradeThePool platform is about giving traders a reliable and good spot for their stock trading adventures.

Trading Assets Here

This company is ideal for stock trading enthusiasts. We can see that it includes a massive portfolio of over 12,000 stocks, penny stocks, CDFs, and ETFs. The platform hooks traders with real-time data feeds from the NYSE and CBOE, keeping bid and ask prices on point.

Plus, with their unlimited scale-up plan, traders can amp up their earnings without risking their hard-earned cash. We must say this is a sweet deal in the market!

Tip: Top Assets Trades claims to be working under the CySEC-regulated firm. Still, the regulated entity is in no way related to the scam broker in question. 

50-80% Profit Splits

Working on a tiered subscription model, this prop firm lets traders pocket up to 80% of their profits.

The platform rolls out 4 plans. And we can see that each comes with profit splits ranging from 50%, 60%, 70%, to 80%. While the top-tier plan is a win for serious traders, the entry-level plan’s profit split could use a bit more generosity.

Remember: The TradeThePool funded phase means traders can get a funded account with up to $260,000 in balance. Also, they can get up to 80% profit split payout by passing a one-phase challenge program.

One-Step Evaluation Process

This prop firm is all about keeping it easy for traders. There are no endless hoops here, only a one-step evaluation process. Indeed!

And if you ever need a fresh start, a simple click will do the trick (for a small fee, of course). You can stick to the rules, ace the evaluation, and real capital is ready for you.

Your Kind of Accounts

At this company, you’ve got four account sizes made to match your skills and needs. It starts with a $20K buying power and goes up to a hefty $260K at the peak.

But, there’s a hurdle before you dive into that funding – the evaluation process. Demonstrate your risk management skills before tapping into real cash!

Note: MondialFX is an online broker that lets you trade many assets. Despite its UK office, we don’t know much about where the broker is truly based. It’s best to avoid it! 

Trustpilot: Insights from Users

Let’s check out TradeThePool reviews! With a solid 4.4-star rating from 55 users, it seems like folks generally have a positive take on this platform.

It’s smart to pay attention to user reviews in the world of prop firms and brokers. But, for that extra layer of safety, consider going for firms with a 4.5-star rating or higher, plus some regulatory backing. User experiences, especially on platforms like Trustpilot, can give you the lowdown. Still, remember that safety comes first in online trading.

Choosing the Right Prop Trading Firm

Choosing a safe and good prop trading firm is vitally important. Here are some things to think about:

  • Profit split ratio: Check how much of the money you make you get to keep. It’s important to know after you meet certain goals.
  • Available trading instruments: Make sure the firm has a number of different things you can trade. This is crucial if you want to stick to your trading plan.
  • Trading conditions: Look into the details like spreads, commission fees, and what kinds of things you can trade. It matters.
  • Funding options: Check how much money the firm is putting in and see if it fits your style of trading. You need enough to do your thing!
  • Trading autonomy and rules: Find a place that lets you trade the way you want. Look for freedom in your strategy. It’s your money, after all.
  • Resources and support: Go with a firm that gives you good training, ongoing help, and access to cool tools. Live trading rooms and educational materials should be on the table.
  • Customer service: Make sure they’ve got your back. You’ll want a firm with support that’s quick and actually helpful.
  • Reputation: Do some digging. Check out the firm’s history and what other people say about it. You want one that’s solid and trustworthy.

Making Money Trading

Are you ready to get into the world of making money online through trading? It’s a journey, no doubt about it. Need some advice? We’re here with free consultations, anytime!

Now, meet our new MVP – the AI Analysis Tool. This mind-blowing tool dives into historical prices, grabs the latest news, and throws in predictions for good measure. You truly get to boost your trading game with this AI wizard. Don’t miss out, as your trading adventure is about to get an upgrade!

Final Words

To sum it up, the TradeThePool platform seems like a solid choice for traders. It is clearly backed by positive user feedback. And we can see they have many interesting features for traders of all levels.

Still, while you’re exploring options, check out our AI Analysis Tool. We believe it’s indeed a top-notch choice to boost your trading strategies! Stay informed and let your trading journey unfold with confidence.


What is TradeThePool?

TradeThePool is a stock trading platform offering up to 80% profit splits.

Is TradeThePool a Legit Prop Firm?

They are popular, but we cannot confirm they are fully legitimate.

Can I Make Money from Proprietary Trading?

Yes, you can potentially make money through proprietary trading. Still, losses can happen too.

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