Virtus Capital Review – Lies Behind VirtusCapital Broker

Virtus Capital

Virtus Capital Review, A fairly convincing website would suggest that VirtusCapital is a decent broker who provides a healthy trading environment. The first concerning fact is hidden in the lack of legal documents and transparency of the owning company. 

Missing crucial company info is a huge warning sign. Along with no proof of regulation is a red flag that this broker should be avoided.

 No matter how well-designed the site is or the attractive trading conditions, the missing license is the reason enough not to choose this broker.

This Virtus Capital review lists some basic features the broker claims to offer:

Furthermore, you should stay away from brokers who try to manipulate you, like GrowCapitalExchange, Rma Fx Brokers, and Trade X Ten.

Company N/A
Website VirtusCapital.World
Address 280 Granite Run Drive Suite #200 Lancaster, PA 1760
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage 1:200
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Not regulated
Warning N/A

Regulation and Funds Safety at Virtus Capital 

Checking the company address given online would show you this fake address can be found on more than one site. Usually, the fraudulent broker remains mysterious about their company background, which is also applicable to Virtus Capital.

Scammers tend to maintain their anonymity in order to run their unscrupulous businesses without fear of being legally prosecuted. They lack regulation and legal framework. 

Not complying with consumer protection and transaction transparency rules like MiFID also makes them extremely dangerous to every investor’s funds. 

Licenses are acquired by jurisdictional regulators. Financial authorities like FCA, AMF, CFTC, ASIC, CONSOB, and others force strict regulatory rules. These standards are created to protect customers’ investments, prevent unwanted losses and stop money laundering.  

Needless to say, Virtus Capital is found in none of the registers of the mentioned regulators. Meaning they do not own a license and are completely unauthorized to offer financial services and do bank transactions. Therefore, avoid investing with Virtus Capital as your funds cannot be guaranteed safety. 

Trading Platform at Virtus Capital

Trading Platform at Virtus Capital

Virtus Capital ensures the customers they’re given the ultimate trading experience with cutting-edge technology and MetaTrader 5 platform.

Do not make conclusions in haste through, a seemingly working platform offered by a fraudulent firm is still not to be trusted. Just downloading a trial version from the developer’s website does not mean the broker has a functional terminal. 

Don’t forget that Virtus Capital is on a mission of convincing you to invest. Moreover, they would use any method conceivable just to get you to believe their intentions are righteous. Manipulating a trading platform is another strategy they use, so better be extra cautious. 

Virtus Capital Deposits and Withdrawals

Virtus Capital requires a minimum deposit amount of $250. Despite false advertising of a wide range of deposit methods available, only crypto is accepted in the client area. 

It’s a scammer’s famous way of keeping anonymity while letting you struggle with withdrawals. 

Virtus Capital makes it clear the withdrawal can be charged or canceled at any time by the company if it’s considered unjustified. Additional documents will be required before the processing, which takes between 4 and 7 business days. 

How Does the Scam Carry Out

Clicking on a shiny ad and leaving your contact info for the fake broker to get their hands on it means you will be contacted immediately. Persistent phone calls and emails all happen for the purpose of getting you to invest. 

Do not fall to promises of easy money and fast winnings. Online trading does not work that way. False claims aim to get money from you, not to make you earn it.

Virtus Capital Summary

Illicit brokers are pushy and willing to pester you to invest.

Their main goal is getting money out of you, not providing the promised profit and trading experience. 

Moreover, in case you request refunds, they’ll simply disappear with your funds or make it impossible for you to carry out the withdrawal. 

Invest carefully, with regulated brokers with licenses for the financial services they advertise.  

Never refrain from reporting a scammer and sharing your experiences online. They’re valuable and of tremendous help to the entire community.

FAQs About Virtus Capital Broker

Is Virtus Capital a Legitimate Broker?

Since Virtus Capital does not possess a license, they are not a legitimate broker. 

Is My Money Safe at Virtus Capital?

Without a regulatory framework, Virtus Capital cannot ensure the safety of clients’ funds. 

Do Virtus Capital Charge for Deposits or Withdrawals?

Yes, the deposits and withdrawals policy clearly states the broker keeps the right to charge the withdrawal.

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