Wilfred Knight Review – Key Pros And Cons Explained

Wilfred Knight Review

At first glance, Wilfred Knight appears to be a completely legitimate firm. The company presents transparent ownership details and contact options, which is a good head start.

Thus, with very few reviews publicly available and still unclear software operations, some traders still find them suspicious. That’s why we have this Wilfred Knight review to solve your mysteries about this company.

Company Type AI Trading Tools Provider
Legal name Wilfred Knight Pty Ltd
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Australia
Established 2021
Website https://wilfredknight.com.au/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone; e-mail
If the withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, LinkedIn
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Australia, France, Italy
Main threats Leaving your money to untrusted AI
Main perks None

Legal Information – Transparency The Key

Generally, with addresses in Australia, the company immediately becomes more trusted. The official ownership belongs to Wilfred Knight Pty Ltd, which can be found in the Australian company register. Since 2021, this software has been selling around, but still without too many relevant Wilfred Knight reviews. 

In any case, when it comes to the legitimacy of the software and regulations, if someone wonders, the company doesn’t need it. They do not offer any kind of financial advice, only resell the software. Therefore, some results might also depend on a broker and not this company.

What Do Traders Say?

One of the things traders find suspicious about Wilfred Knight AI is its success rate of 73%. Apparently, it’s also listed in myfxbook, but such an article is no longer available. Consequently, we can only rely on what other people think of it. For instance, on Trustpilot, there are only six comments and 100% positive feedback. 

However, if you check Reddit sections, you might find split opinions about the company. This is mainly because nobody believes in such high success rates. Instead, you can opt for funded programs and explore your tools and strategies without the risk of losing money. Check the Funded Trading Plus program for more details.

How Does Wilfred Knight Work?

As the brief presentation shows, the whole service is based on Wilfred Knight analysis (quantitative, sentiment, fundamental, and technical) and autodidactic machine learning. The idea is to catch up with potentially profitable opportunities and avoid missing them with cutting-edge technology.

With this in mind, many traders are wondering why the company doesn’t use the software itself. The principle is quite logical: risk transfer and leverage. They collect the fees if they let traders invest their money and make profits. However, if they lose it, the company doesn’t lose anything. So, in the best-case scenario, it’s a win-win. 

How Much Would Wilfred Knight Trading Cost?

It’s important to realize that the company doesn’t reveal how much the software costs. That’s a disturbing detail. On the positive side, traders can request a demo and use it for 30 days without any charges. If you want to see why transparency is important, check our DRW review as well. 

Who Can Use This AI Software?

According to the company’s disclaimer, none of these services are intended for any users outside of Australia. However, website traffic analysis shows some surprising details. As it seems, there are also website visitors and potential users coming from: 

  • United States 
  • France
  • Italy

With this in mind, you should explore the community a bit more and talk to people to see where they come from. Meanwhile, we suggest you read our XAUBOT review, so you have something to compare here. In the end, it all comes down to practicing and controlling your own money. That’s why the Funded Trading Plus program is way ahead of these AI tools or similar. 

What Are Payment Options Available?

One quite surprising detail besides the hidden Wilfred Knight price is the hidden payment options. As can be seen, the company requires you to put in a password to access a secure payment gateway. In general, if it’s so secure, it should be fully transparent to users. 

Anyway, if you plan to deposit money, do it via debit or credit card. If anything goes wrong, you can apply for a chargeback within the first 540 days. Withdrawals will mostly depend on the broker you work with. Instead of worrying about two sides, you could opt for a company that offers combined services.

Is Customer Support Available?

Quite a positive thing is to see the company offering addresses in the US and Australia where you can visit them. Thus, we highly doubt anyone is eager to do that. Instead, they might opt for e-mail or a phone to get more information.

However, working hours are not precise and there’s a chance you will wait for your feedback quite a lot. For a company offering software solutions, it’s quite surprising there’s no live chat or some more reliable support feature available. 

Conclusion: Does The Software Work or To Rely On Yourself?

Generally speaking, trading software has rarely worked in recent years. According to Wilfred Knight Trustpilot comments, this tool works. Yet, you shouldn’t rely much on it. The company is not responsible for any losses generated by the software. In case you lose everything, you can only blame yourself. Even though it might be truly a software malfunction, you will never know.

Instead, you can invest some time into learning different strategies and using other AI tools. But only as an assistant to make better decisions. The best way to test it out is through the funded program, where you can still experience real trading without risking your own money.

In the end, if you find a proven method to make money, it’s a win-win situation. You can get up to 90% of the profits without risking your money. Check out the Funded Trading Plus program and learn all the benefits of this new way of trading. Be ahead of the game starting today!


What is Wilfred Knight?

Wilfred Knight is an Australian-based company that has been only a reseller of AI trading software since 2021.

How to Use Wilfren Knight AI?

Sadly, the “how it works” section on the company’s website doesn’t have any content. Apparently, everything is fully automated, but we have all heard that before.

How to Choose the Right Brokerage?

Traders should always start step by step. We suggest exploring all the strategies with the Funded Trading Plus trading program without risk and implementing it with a regulated broker later.

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