Astrocapitaltrade Review: Is AstroCapitalTrade.Com Legit?

Overview of scam broker AstroCapitalTrade

Carefully set up web of lies that Astrocapitaltrade uses to drag in inexperienced victims includes several critical points. Our Astrocapitaltrade review discusses them all and attempts to raise awareness about this fraud, so no more people fall victim to their scam. 

Supposedly located in the US, with offices in Malta and several more locations, Astrocapitaltrade claims to be a global brokerage brand of the highest quality. To back those claims they use fabricated information about regulations and licenses. 

For instance, the website claims the firm to be regulated by FCA, BaFin, CNMV, and several made-up authorities. Countless other lies all serve to boost Astrocapitaltrade’s credibility but it just doesn’t work on us. 

On the contrary, you should avoid dealing with questionable brokers like Vexxsel, LoyalFXMarkets, and Geneticrypto.

Company Astrocapitaltrade Ltd
Website Astrocapitaltrade.Com
Address US
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit $1 000
Leverage 1:400
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Warning N/A

Astrocapitaltrade Reliability – Regulation and Security

There’s a ton of lies that Astrocapitaltrade makes up to attract customers. Most evident ones are those concerning the regulatory status of this company. 

California and Massacussets, US are the two locations where Astrocapitaltrade Ltd is supposedly registered. The offices should be operating under the supervision of UFSA, an unknown regulatory body that Astrocapitaltrade invented for the sake of their own credibility. 

The two financial institutions that govern brokerage activity in the US are CFTC and NFA. CFTC leads the company through the process of obtaining a license while NFA keeps a detailed members list of regulated entities. Naturally, Astrocapitaltrade is not among the legal brokerage businesses. 

Next license that Astrocapitaltrade claims to possess is the FCA one. The UK financial supervisor would never give a trading certificate to an undeserving fraud like Astrocapitaltrade. 

Why is that so? Because Astrocapitaltrade is not a company with enough cash to invest into their business project. They also do not provide segregated bank accounts for clients’ investments. Furthermore, Astrocapitaltrade allows leverage of up to 1:400, while FCA limits it to 1:30. Leverage in the US is slightly higher and goes up to 1:50, but it’s still far less than what Astrocapitaltrade offers. 

The lack of transparency that Astrocapitaltrade displays isn’t according to the MiFid rules they claim to abide by. ESMA, an independent EEA regulator, has designed MiFid exactly for the purpose of increased transparency of transactions and for preventing money laundering attempts. 

Additionally, Astrocapitaltrade isn’t regulated by CNMV and BaFin, which we became certain of after checking their databases of regulated brokers.  

Trading Platform Available at Astrocapitaltrade 

Here is where Astrocapitaltrade has things all mixed up. The site will feed you more lies about an amazing trading platform they have to offer along with a lucrative trading environment. Reality is drastically different. 

Neither will you get some overly attractive trading conditions, neither will you be making profit and pilling cash by investing through the famous MT5. 

Everything Astrocapitaltrade actually has to offer is a barely functional web trader. Its simplicity allows the site owner to mend the stats in order to push traders into more investments. This is a well-known deceptive technique used by countless scammers, including Astrocapitaltrade.

Astrocapitaltrade Account Types

Only available account type at Astrocapitaltrade is what the broker calls a real account. This means that Demo accounts are not an option for testing the trading conditions and platform performance. 

Since the site doesn’t specify the account characteristics and if there’s more than one account type, they have investment plans to offer. These are their prices:

  • Bronze package – $1 000
  • Silver package – $5 000
  • Gold package – $10 000
  • Diamond package – $20 000
  • Vip trading plan – $50 000

Brace yourself for a real surprise here. These prices aren’t what you deposit upon account opening. These are only weekly investment plans. If you were to aim for a monthly one, the prices would be 4 times higher. You can have some fun attempting to calculate how much that would cost on an annual level. 

Astrocapitaltrade Deposits and Withdrawals

Nothing was shocking about Astrocapitaltrade only accepting cryptocurrencies as a depositing method. From what we saw in the investment plans and considering how much they plan to steal from every single trader, they would need to keep their anonymity. The safest way for them to achieve that is by performing crypto transactions, which are hard to track and practically irreversible. 

Withdrawals are not covered by any of the policies or other legal documents. At one point Astrocapitaltrade claims not to charge deposits and withdrawals while the next bit declares that there’s a processing fee. Inconsistent and vague? Yes, Astrocapitaltrade is one such fraud. 

How is the Fraud Delivered?

Shady and unbelievably expensive, Astrocapitaltrade is an evil scheme deceiving and lying on every level of its service. Even if you get interested in their fictive services, you can’t start investing small. Lucidly pricey investment plans force you to keep depositing. 

What fuels your hopes of profit is the modified trading platform that keeps showing the wanted numbers. 

It all looks fantastically pleasing until you decide to apply for a withdrawal. Not only is your entire investment gone and not eligible for withdrawal, but you’re also forced to pay more fees, and processing taxes.

Astrocapitaltrade Summary

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this broker is a liar and a financial criminal. But the less experienced traders are in danger of being carried away by the promises of fake profit. That’s why we made this Astrocapitaltrade review to help every novice protect themself more efficiently against this and other scam-prone websites. 

If at any point in time, regardless of your knowledge level and experience, you recognize the need for advice or guidance, feel free to contact us. Our diligent team is here to provide you with additional information. We’re always on the lookout for more scams to warn the community, so you can help us too, but sharing your own experiences.

FAQs About Astrocapitaltrade Broker

Is My Money Safe With Astrocapitaltrade?

Astrocapitaltrade is an unregulated entity that operates for the purpose of defrauding customers. Your deposits could never be safe with such brokers.

Does Astrocapitaltrade Offer a Demo Account?

No, you can only open a real trading account with Astrocapitaltrade. Very characteristic for a scammer of this caliber.

Is Astrocapitaltrade a Trustworthy Broker?

In all honesty, no. This website fabricates lies and isn’t licensed by any regulatory institution to be considered trustworthy.

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