Cryptoneyx Review – Facts About This Scam Broker

Cryptoneyx Review

Cryptoneyx Review, It’s not enough for beginner traders to say that Cryptoneyx is a scam. Being less informed and subject to external influence in the trading sense, novice traders may not so easily come to the conclusion we have. After examining the Cryptoneyx website and only finding lies, fake promises and fabricated data, we were sure to be dealing with a fraudster.

Skillfully avoiding publishing any company data, omitting the legal documents and not proving the regulatory status, Cryptoneyx was more than suspicious. Apart from being shady and secretive, the website also suggested some unacceptable trading conditions. 

As soon as we saw the leverage was capped at 1:400 and the UK address, we knew something was off. The doubts we had were easily confirmed by the warning we found. The UK regulator, FCA was the one who published it: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/cryptoneyx

Many other warnings followed and we are listing them here:

OSC warning on Cryptoneyx

CSA warning on Cryptoneyx

Our Cryptoneyx review goes into detail about how this unscrupulous business takes place. Despite the fact one domain isn’t operational at the moment, we still advise caution, as the devil has many faces.

Furthermore, we highly recommend that you avoid the scam brokers Fiboda, Aswissa, and Broker Capitals.

Company Cryptoneyx
Website Cryptoneyx.Net
Address UK
Email [email protected]
Phone Support – +442070466264

Trading – +442080599853

Minimum Deposit € 10,000
Leverage 1:400
Bonuses referral, welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, and many other promotions
Regulation Unregulated

Compliance, and Fund Safety at Cryptoneyx

Registered in the UK, yet not complying with the FCA regulatory standards. Offering financial services and products to North American traders, and EU, and UK traders without any sort of regulation or license.  

And these are just some of the reasons why we found Cryptoneyx so rotten and suspicious. To seem more credible they publish on their website a supposed association with several legitimate companies. Agent Investment Management, Cryptopay Limited, and ASSET MANAGEMENT L.P. are in no way related to this scammer and are all regulated and reliable. 

Apart from these, more claims about regulation are put on the website. This firm claims that they are ’’able to afford clients protection by three different financial regulatory commissions, namely Finansinspektionen – Sweden, Financial Conduct Authority – UK, Canadian Securities Administrators – Canada’’. Needless to say, the scammer did not appear in any database by the regulators that Cryptoneyx takes for granted.

No license means that your funds at Cryptoneyx aren’t under the special protection that segregated bank accounts provide. There’s no leverage cap and the leverage with Cryptoneyx goes up to 1:400, which is against the standards of all the regulatory authorities that the fraud mentions.

Naturally, there’s also no negative balance protection with this leverage. No compensation fund can protect you in case you get defrauded either. And we’ve already discussed all the ways Cryptoneyx breaks all the transparency compliances and rules. All in all, this company has zero pros and an endless list of cons.

Trading Software Overview

Cryptoneyx Overview

Creating an account with Cryptoneyx was impossible at the time being. New accounts can’t be registered without a referral code. To get this number you either have to be friends with an existing user or make direct contact with the scammer. 

Scam agents lurking on the internet are in constant search of new victims. If you’ve heard of Cryptoneyx, it probably means they’ve already contacted you. It would be best for you to stay away if that is the case. 

Anyhow, no registration meant no access to the trading terminal and Demo accounts aren’t an account type anyway. This could either mean that the broker doesn’t allow previewing the terminal (for a reason) or they do not have one at all.

Account Types Available at Cryptoneyx

Glorifying some features to give reasons for such insane account prices, Cryptoneyx does a lousy job of convincing us. The overly expensive accounts available don’t seem to offer anything, in particular, to make us believe the prices are justified. Here’s the offer:

  • Bronze – 10 000 €
  • Silver – 25 000 €
  • Gold – 50 000 €
  • Platinum – 100 000 €
  • Diamond – 250 000 € 
  • Premium – 500 000 €
  • VIP – 1 000 000 €

You have to admit this jokingly high amounts demanded initial deposit are irrational to the bone. No regulated broker would ask for a million-dollar investment. Yet, almost every other reputable broker offers incomparably better trading conditions and support.

Funding Methods at Cryptoneyx

Since there was no referral number to join Cryptoneyx, the only way to get any intel on deposits and withdrawals was through legal docs on the site. Even these were uninformative and with very scarce information. 

For instance, Cryptoneyx says the only way to deposit funds is via credit and debit cards. This is actually good for traders as it offers some safety because of the chance for a chargeback. 

The disturbing detail is that withdrawals could also be done through bank wire transfers, which is against all regulatory rules. Besides the details about the initial deposit being 10 000 EUR, we could not get any other relevant info, not even the processing time. Suspicious? Absolutely.

How the Fraud was Carried Out?

Cryptoneyx has such a good advertising campaign that 10 000 EUR for an initial investment seems totally worth it. That is where you’re wrong. The project that Cryptoneyx has built on these lies is supported by fake claims and false promises of huge returns and risk-free trades. There’s no such thing as those. 

What Cryptoneyx does to further entrap you in their scheme is offer various bonuses. Deposit bonuses, first-time investment bonuses, promotions, and gifts seem to happen all the time at Cryptoneyx. Doesn’t free money sound attractive? It sure does. But bear in mind that it comes with unreachable conditions and requirements that serve to deny your withdrawal attempts. 

Cryptoneyx Summary

The cryptoneyx review you had a chance to read today was our warning to you. This wannabe broker was blacklisted more times than a public enemy and have yet continued to advertise their services. Even after losing two domains, Cryptoneyx has a third one now and persistently chases decent traders to become their victims. 

Please consider the countless alerts and warnings published by more than a few regulatory institutions. This is not a joke. Being a legitimate confirmation of Cryptoneyx’s illegal status, use them as a guide, along this review.

FAQs About Cryptoneyx

Can I Rely on Cryptoneyx?

No, unfortunately, you can't expect Cryptoneyx to provide you the same security standards like regulated brokers can.

What Types of Accounts Does Cryptoneyx Provide?

There are several account types and their prices range from 10 000 EUR up to irrational 1 000 000 EUR demanded as an initial deposit for the VIP account.

What Is the Minimum Deposit Requirement for Cryptoneyx?

The minimum deposit is 10 000 EUR. This is too much considering that legitimate brokers require often as little as $10 before they let you open a live trading account.

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