Funding Traders Review: Main Disadvantages Of The Program Revealed

Funding Traders Review

The Funding Traders firm is owned by MCF Group, which is based in Dubai. This firm was incorporated in 2017, and since then, it has been offering funded trading services worldwide.

These funded programs start with challenges and evaluations. But once you pass those steps, you get a funded account for trading, and you share the profits with the owner. Does that sound logical? Let’s find out many more irregularities in this honest Funding Traders review.

Company Type Investment firm
Legal name MCF Group
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in Dubai, UAE
Established 2018
Website Fundingtraders.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Web form, e-mail, live chat
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees $50-$2.500
If Active on Social Media: Yes – YouTube, Telegram, Discord, Twitter (X)
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Malaysia
Main threats Lack of regulations; Negative reviews;
Main perks None

Is The Funding Traders Company Legit?

Even though the company appears to be legitimately registered in Dubai, they don’t have any regulations. But there is a catch. They have a disclaimer saying they don’t offer any investment services listed in the Capital Market Undertakings Act. Do they say it’s all fictive? Definitely!

The only way to generate profits in the financial market is through regulated brokers. If you are looking for ones in UAE, look for DFSA-licensed ones. But personally, we would prefer ones that also have Tier 1 licenses like FCA, BaFin, or ASIC.

Reviews Of Funding Traders Proprietary Firm

As it seems, the company has quite positive reviews on Trustpilot. With an average rating of 4.8, anyone might think this company is the right choice. However, don’t rush to a decision. Even though there are only 3% out of 253 comments with negative ratings, you might see potential issues there.

In fact, only one review with a detailed explanation of the issue is enough to make you doubt them. In general, if you are not 100% sure about some company, that’s already a sign. Especially if the company is not licensed.

How Do Funding Traders Work?

The main idea behind the program is to let experienced and successful traders trade with larger sums of money. Allegedly, this company will fund your account, and you have certain conditions to meet. Of course, before you get access to those funds, you have to pass the evaluation steps.

In the case of fundingtraders.com, you have the option to choose between 1-step and 2-step verification. Most of the time, fees are the same regardless of the option you choose. Yet, the suspicious part comes with the profit split. Apparently, the default profit split is 80%.

For example, you pay a $200 fee to start a $25k funded program. Profit target is $2.500 or $1.250. If you reach it, that means you get more than $2k for that. But there’s a catch with max losses of 2% per trade. Imagine now all that on higher amounts.

What Platforms Can You Use For Trading?

Another key fact is that the company doesn’t reveal the technology you’ll be using. Which is quite disturbing, knowing there are manipulative web-based platforms.

That’s especially dangerous with firms like Funding Traders prop firm. Imagine you are doing well, and suddenly, you have a loss of 2% in one trade, and you are done. As some traders reported. It’s quite tricky and questionable if you like. On top of all, there’s a leverage of up to 1:100.

Investment Plans With Funding Traders

Important to realize is that all of the accounts have the same conditions. These include a 2% max loss per trade, zero commissions, 14 and 7-day profit payouts, and unlimited trading days. However, the accounts differ in minimum trading days and fees. But also the amount of money for funding your account.

In any case, fees range between $50 and $2.500. In exchange, you can get between $5k and $500k on your account. So, you want to tell me someone is willing to risk $500k for a $2.5k fee? With a random stranger? But before you make any decisions, make sure you check our Apex Trader Funding review.

Are Withdrawals Possible With This Company?

Apparently, the company gives any investor the right to ask for a refund within the first 14 days. Thus, without regulations, it’s not guaranteed you can get any money back. But let’s believe that’s true.

If you continue and you want to withdraw the funds, you have only two methods. Those are wire transfers and crypto. Yet, none of the fees are disclosed by the company. Hopefully, you’ll reach this point. Since there are many other obstacles, you should avoid before that. For better clarity about withdrawal procedures and how they should be done, check our Funded Engineer review.

Final Verdict: To Invest Here or Not?

Generally speaking, there are way more secured investment firms than this. Primarily due to regulations or lack of it if you like. In any case, nothing is guaranteed with this firm. Instead, you should opt for Tier 1 licensed companies and avoid any misunderstandings.

On top of that, we suggest you try AI Tools. These can help traders a lot nowadays to make proper trading decisions. But keep in mind to avoid auto-trading software. Because there you are, leaving your money exposed to the unknown algorithm. Instead, you can try AI Analysis Tool, which is practically your assistant for making educated decisions. Send us a message and find out everything you need to know about it.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

With unregulated proprietary firms, definitely not. Primarily because it doesn’t make sense, you get $500k for trading with an initial payment of $2.500. If you lose it, nothing happens. But if you make profits, they share the profits with you. That’s just a tactic to extort more money from you.

Instead, you should use independent tools like AI Analysis Tool, for instance. With this tool that collects historical prices, the latest news, and other relevant data, you can get a forecast of future price changes. In combination with a licensed brokerage, this is a perfect deal. Get in touch with our experts today and find all the necessary details about it!

FAQ Section

Is Funding Traders Legit?

According to many negative reviews, no. Without adequate regulations, the company can change conditions anytime they want. As can be seen from some complaints.

Which Broker Does Funding Traders Use?

Unfortunately, the trading platform and all of its features remain unknown to this company. Instead, we suggest you try an AI Analysis Tool with some licensed firms for safer trading.

What is Proprietary Trading?

It is trading on funded accounts. But these are rarely real and you should stick to proven brokers and tools like AI Analysis Tool.

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