Futurebotstrade Review: Fraud Behind Futurebotstrade.Com


Futurebotstrade is anything but credible. The buggy website didn’t provide us with much info about the owning company or the team leading it.  Claims about being a part of the US Gain Capital Group have to be a joke. Why would this reputable company run a faulty website when they have the impeccable Forex.com?

When you type Futurebotstrade.com in your browser and attempt to visit it, you will first get a warning from the browser about a phishing site ahead.  If you still decide to proceed, you will face a ridiculously bad web presentation that doesn’t provide much info about the general conditions or anything at all. 

Our Futurebotstrade review put together all the intel we’ve managed to gather about this evasive fraudster. Keep reading to see what they’re really up to.  What’s more, we strongly recommend that you avoid the fraudulent broker’s Mg Trade Solutions, SuccessfulTrade24, and DynamicsFx Trade.

Company US GAIN Capital Group (claimed)
Website Futurebotstrade.com
Address Bedminster One 135 US Highway 202/206 Suite 11 Bedminster, NJ 07921, USA
Email support@ futurebotstrade.com
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit $500
Leverage Up to 1:5000
Bonuses Undisclosed
Regulation Not regulated
Warning N/A

Is Futurebotstrade a Reliable Broker? Regulation and Security

Futurebotstrade has nothing to do with regulated services providing and security of funds. Since they’ve made their first appearance, back in August 2022, they’ve brought nothing but harm due to their fraudulent practice. 

The only valid way to confirm the broker’s legitimacy is a license from a jurisdictional regulator. Futurebotstrade is supposedly based in the US. So in accordance to that, CFTC should be the regulating body and Futurebotstrade would have to be on the NFA members list. 

Unsurprisingly enough, neither does the site own a CFTC certificate, nor are they an NFA member. Public databases of the mentioned institutions confirm that.

Licenses aren’t just for any broker. They’re reserved for credible, trustworthy and genuine companies that provide legit services and products. To even become a candidate for a license, firms in the US have to invest a marvelous $20 000 000 first. 

Then they have to secure the user deposits through segregated bank accounts and limit the leverage to 1:50. And although bonuses are allowed in the US, in contrast to EU and AU, they’re strictly regulated. 

If we compare these predispositions with how Futurebotstrade conducts their business, everything will become crystal clear. First of all, the company is totally anonymous and lies about their origin and ownership. Where’s the required transparency there? 

Second, Futurebotstrade doesn’t offer safety of funds and reduced trading risk when they offer leverage up to 1:5000. Bonuses are misused for the purpose of stealing funds. In the end, does the buggy website even leave an impression of a legitimate services provider? Use your common sense before falling for unrealistic promises of profit.

Broker’s Trading Platform Overview

As if trading is the last thing on an investor’s mind, Futurebotstrade doesn’t make a mention of any trading platform at all. As a common fraud, they’ve only focused on advertising the trading conditions and nothing else. 

After determining we had no chance of accessing any kind of trading software, we concluded the site is nothing but a bogus web presentation. The poor job of designing a site doesn’t help build a positive impression. 

Even if Futurebotstrade had any trading terminal at all, it most likely wouldn’t be a match for the industry standards like MT4, MT5 and cTrader. Never settle for less than the best, and choose your broker based on the accuracy, speed and flexibility of their software solution.

Futurebotstrade Account Types Available

Opening an account with Futurebotstrade brings zero benefits. The swindler didn’t do much to create separate and distinctive account types with different options and features.  Next, you can’t access the trading terminal unless you supposedly deposit, and even then it’s a question if it exists at all. The broker sure does not mention it. 

All the site options are also locked until you verify your account and deposit. That also means there’s no demo account available. We find it absurd from a fully incognito site to ask for personal information when they reveal none about themselves.

Futurebotstrade Funding Methods Available

FAQs at Futurebotstrade explain how depositing funds is done. What you have to do is send Bitcoin or Ethereum in a value equal to at least $500 to an E-wallet address generated for your account. Withdrawing funds is supposedly processed the same way. 

We couldn’t verify this as we couldn’t complete the verification process but since we’re dealing with a cyber thief here, it’s very believable. 

Unscrupulous brokers are known for practicing crypto payments that allow them to stay lowkey during transactions and not reveal they’re true identity. Thanks to that, in cases of defrauding customers, they avoid being legally prosecuted. 

How Does the Scam Implement?

While we highly doubt anyone would fall for the illusions and dreams Futurebotstrade sells, there are surely traders who are just starting off and looking for a good offer. If you are one of them, read the following lines of this Futurebotstrade review carefully. Because you are who this cheater targets.

Right from the start, this broker bombards site visitors with fictional profit chances and potential wealth. This is their strategy to cover the truth of the scamming scheme and motivate you to invest. You become a financial hostage once you start depositing. 

Getting a refund is almost impossible, no matter the effort. The con artist remains safely tucked away in their offshore lair counting money, while you struggle with withdrawal fees and conditions. The most notorious one of them all is probably the trading volume requirement. This one demands you to reach a certain number of successful trades before being able to withdraw.

Futurebotstrade Summary

The Forex market is becoming more regulated and the circle around scammers is getting tighter. However, unscrupulous brokers are still very present in various forms. And they will be, as long as there are novice traders they could trick and rob. 

Our Futurebotstrade review is a reminder to keep learning and gathering info before making any moves that could cost you money. 

The knowledge you have, the help of jurisdictional regulators, and our support could help you identify valid brokers. Brokers that do now own trading certificates and necessary licenses are better off avoided. 

FAQs About Futurebotstrade Broker

Is Futurebotstrade Regulated?

Futurebotstrade doesn’t own a trading license for their products and services, which means they are not regulated by any financial authority.

Is my Money Safe with Futurebotstrade?

No, your funds are not safe with a scammer. The funds you deposit are not stored in segregated bank accounts and the swindler can deal with your capital however they please.

Does Futurebotstrade Offer a Demo Account?

No demo account with this one. No specialized account types either. Just one live trading account type that requires a cash deposit before you can do anything on the site.

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