FX Academy Review: A Comprehensive Educational System for Traders

FX Academy review

FX Academy is a comprehensive instructional program that was created from a demand from traders where they could learn about Forex trading at their own pace. Traders of all kinds can improve their understanding of the Forex market and hone their trading skills with the help of these courses.

In this FX Academy review, we delve deep into the firm’s profile to discover whether or not they are the right choice for traders. Our fact-checked evaluation will uncover even the slightest indication that this company is a bad choice. Stay tuned and keep reading to find out. Meanwhile, make sure to check our Europa Trade Capital review as well before you go. 

About FX Academy

FX Academy is a trading center and teaching website devoted to forex investing. It was founded in 2004 by industry professionals. The website offers fifteen different courses, each with multiple lessons that are updated often. 

Each course explains the fundamentals of trading and walks through advanced investing methods to assist both novices and specialists in making forex market speculations. Often regarded as one of the top forex trading hubs is FX Academy.

Additionally, the company has worked with well-known forex brokers, such as FXTM and FXPesa, to offer clients a free demo account where they can test out new abilities. There is not much that’s known about the company in general, nor about the FX Academy customer service overall. So make sure to keep reading our FX Academy review. 

Company Type Trading Academy
Legal name FX Academy Ltd
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2004
Website www.fxacademy.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Membership is free
If Active on Social Media: On Facebook and Twitter
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas India, United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa
Main threats Limited information about the company; Low trust score on ScamAdviser;
Main perks Quality course content;

FX Academy Features

FX Academy offers 15 courses in total. Traders can choose a topic based on their skill level or start from the beginning with the “Introduction to Forex Trading.” A brief description of each FX Academy trading course is provided to get an idea of the knowledge and skills you will be learning.

Usually, courses consist of three or more discrete, yet related, lessons. You can work through the interactive animated video tutorials at your leisure. In certain classes, there are reading recommendations and knowledge-testing quizzes. These extra articles can aid in developing a more comprehensive comprehension of the subject.

FX Academy’s risk management course covers well-liked methods for reducing risk and making profitable transactions. The notion of a risk/reward ratio is also introduced, which can aid in determining the amount of money you should bet on investments.

In addition to its courses and classes, FX Academy offers a selection of articles about trading. You don’t need to register your email address or personal information to view these. Furthermore, the articles are useful on their own since they offer in-depth analysis of important trading markets, even though they can be utilized to enhance course materials.

FX Academy Plans

FX Academy has no costs at all. Each course is offered without charge, and there is no enrollment fee. Additionally, many articles are also offered free of charge, so you can enjoy the benefits completely for free. 

All traders need to do to obtain lifetime access to the course selection is to register on the official website. Certain materials are also accessible without requiring registration, such as trade articles and strategy simulations. Instead of charging for the material like the Arkcoin broker, everything is available for free. 

Trading Articles

There are different categories of articles and each of them provides a series covering various topics. Those articles include Introduction to Forex Trading, Trading with Price Action, MT4 Guides and Tutorials, Fundamental Analysis, Scalping, and Volatility. 

If you want to know more about the well-known platform MT4, you can read the MT4 Guides and Tutorials. Additionally, learning about Forex trading is also possible, so make sure to check the articles, especially since they are free. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Comprehensive Educational Platform
  2. Quality Course Content
  3. Risk Management Education
  4. No Cost Membership
  5. Additional Trading Articles
  6. No Personal Information Required
  1. Limited Information on Company Details
  2. Limited Global Presence
  3. Potential Over-Reliance on Online Education
  4. Absence of Personalized Guidance
  5. There Are No FX Academy Reviews

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FAQ Section

What is FX Academy?

FX Academy is a comprehensive instructional program for traders where they can learn more about Forex trading at their own pace.

How Much Does FX Academy Cost?

The platform is free and offers a variety of courses and articles. You don’t have to visit the school or share your information to register. Just join up and access various resources.

Is the FX Academy Course Worth It?

Considering you don’t have to pay to gain access to a variety of courses and articles, yes, FX Academy is worth it.

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