FxMarketsExchange Review – All The Shocking Facts In One Place

Overview of FxMarketsExchange Review

This broker is one of those that are trying hard to make themselves look genuine. However, if you dig deeper under the surface you can find many discrepancies. For instance, they present themselves as a European broker, but they don’t comply with many European laws and regulations.

What exactly we have on our mind you can find in our FxMarketsExchange review.

Company FX Markets Exchange
Regulation No regulations
Warning N/A
Website fxmarketsexchange.com
Address N/A
Email [email protected]
Phone +448450950065 / +14316317743 / +61251197784
Minimum Deposit N/A
Leverage 1:400
Bonuses Available

Compliance and Fund Safety at FxMarketsExchange

As a company that applies governing laws of Bulgaria, it should be regulated by domestic regulators. In this case, it would be Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). If not that, then with some other trusted Tier 1 regulator. Such as FCA, BaFin, IIROC or ASIC.

In this case, the FxMarketsExchange scam broker misses them all. There is no available information about any licenses of the company. This leads to the conclusion that all activities are completely fictive. Simply because nobody monitors it.

Generally speaking, you can’t be surprised if you see negative FxMarketsExchange reviews after this. Check out the Trustpilot only and you will quickly realize. Regulation is the key in the trading world.

Available Trading Software

As the key factor in choosing a broker comes the trading software. In this case, the only thing available is a web trader. The biggest downside of FxMarketsExchange broker is their misleading. The company promotes Desktop and Mobile apps. However, there are no download links for any of those. This is quite suspicious and you can consider it a scamming trick as well.

Since they don’t provide reliable and trusted software like Meta Trader, they need to find some ways to gain trust. Thus, there are none. Besides misleading traders about the software, they are not even transparent about web trader. There is no demo account available to check the functionalities.

Even though they promote advanced features and professional tools, that’s also questionable. Especially after many misleading facts that they presented. Find out more about the software and securities in the industry through our DeltaFx and Cryptics reviews.

Account Types Available

All trading accounts with this scam broker are designed with only one goal. It is to extract as much money as possible from traders. In exchange, every trader gets more trading sessions with a non-licensed account manager. But also better spreads and swap discounts. However, if you can’t get the profits out all these fictive benefits become irrelevant.

Important to realize is that leverage goes up to 1:400. While the maximum allowed according to ESMA rules is 1:30. Not to mention that it’s the same limit with trusted EU regulators. Anyway, your choices are:

  • Classic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal

Throughout cheesy terms and conditions, you can’t find much about the funding methods. According to the FxMarketsExchange scam broker, there are only two options:

  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Wire/Bank transfers

But it’s not rare that once they gain traders’ trust that they switch to a bit more anonymous options. Such as crypto transfers. Since the broker doesn’t reveal processing time and fees that remains mysterious here.

However, once you check their malicious bonus policy you can realize quickly that withdrawals never happen. If you get a $100 bonus you need to make $2M of trading volume to get those $100 out. It’s complete nonsense and you shouldn’t accept any bonuses.

How the Fraud Has Carried Out

Throughout any FxMarketsExchange review, you can see the same pattern. The broker lures traders over social networks and marketing campaings. But also referral programs. Once they get your contact info they will relentlessly harass you. Unless you make any kind of deposit with them. Thus, it’s not revealed what’s the minimum.

The journey starts once traders want to get what they deserve. It’s the profits promised by the broker. Then you will face numerous issues. For example, liquidity verification, taxes and fees. Important to realize is that any additional payments required are just a dirty trick from a broker to get everything from you.

Luckily, payment methods available with FxMarketsExchange scam broker are good for you. In fact, with card transfers, it’s very easy to file a chargeback. But let the professionals do the dirty work for you. Another good thing to know is that with CipherTrace we can even track crypto transfers. Avoid headaches and get in touch with us now. 

FxMarketsExchange Summary

This broker is completely unsafe whether for beginner or pro traders. Without transparent legal information and missing regulation, they don’t present good soil for anyone. On top of that, the company is misleading traders about the software’s availability. But not even the functionalities of the software are revealed. On top of all, the company doesn’t have a transparent deposit and withdrawal policy.

But what they have transparent is the bonus policy. Which is the thing that prevents traders from getting their money back. You should avoid swindlers like FxMarketsExchange broker. Find out more and keep yourself protected anytime by getting touch with our experts. Whether you need a recommendation or advice, we are available.

Get in touch with us for free first consultation. Don’t miss the chance to get your money back!

FAQs About FxMarketsExchange Broker

Is FxMarketsExchange a Regulated Broker?

No. The company doesn’t have any domestic or any other trusted European regulations.

Is My Money Safe at FxMarketsExchange?

No. Broker is practically misleading traders and doesn’t present a safe place for their investments.

What Is The Minimum Deposit at FxMarketsExchange?

The minimum deposit is not revealed. Unlike with many other regulated and trusted brokers worldwide.

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