GSPartners Global Review: Numerous Warnings Reveal The Truth

GSPartners Global Review

GSPartners Global is a company incorporated offshore in 2020. The business belongs to GSB Gold Standard BANK LTD. The name says itself. There’s a bank involved in the business.

On the company’s website, you’ll see Swiss Walorem  Bank. This is the primary holder of their business license. But even with this license, your funds are not protected in any way. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many negative reviews. To find out what else you should take care of, read our GSPartners Global review carefully.

Company type Active trading scam
Legal name GSB Gold Standard Bank LTD
Regulation Regulated – MISA
Registered in Comoros Islands
Established 2020
Website https://gspartners.global/
Financial Authorities Warnings BCSC, CSA, ASIC
Contacts Web contact form; live chat
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, India
Main threats Missing Tier 1 regulations; many warnings from regulators; tons of negative reviews;
Main perks None

Regulatory Oversight And Security

As can be seen, this firm claims to have a license issued by the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA). Indeed, checking the register can prove that statement. However, their license is valid only for the banking business and not for trading purposes.

In general, any investment firm offering services in foreign countries should get a license from those countries. Yet, GSPartners Global doesn’t have any. Consequently, all the security the company might offer you becomes questionable.

Many Warnings Issued Against The Firm

As can be seen from the table in the beginning, this company is targeting strictly regulated countries. Therefore, it’s not surprising they have multiple warnings. Firstly, the warning was published by the Canadian BCSC. But republished by CSA, also from Canada.

Another and most recent warning comes from the Australian ASIC. If you are wondering, the Moneysmart website is a Federal Government website brought by ASIC.

What Do GSPartners Global Reviews Reveal?

When you have a financial institution with almost 20% negative comments, you know there’s something wrong. On the number of 243 reviews on Trustpilot, that’s quite a big number. Especially when you know many more didn’t share their opinion.

Many traders seem to point out that this is a classic Ponzi scheme behind the firm. Even the US SEC is running an investigation against them. Also, the company was using other regulated brands like BDSwiss to attract more traders. Luckily, this company denied any connections to this GS Partners Global fraud.

What Does This Company Offer?

Surprisingly, the company is quite conservative when it comes to sharing any relevant details. Apparently, they are offering crypto-fiat trading, margin trading, short-selling derivatives, and asset-collateralized loans. However, none of the conditions related to those trading services are revealed.

In general, that’s something you can’t see with any Tier 1 licensed investment firm. Some other scamming firms, such as FXMarketsExchange, even have more transparent conditions.

Trading Software Availability

Another key disadvantage of the gspartners.global is the lack of transparency about the software choice. Allegedly, they are offering a world-class crypto trading platform. Since zero download links are available and they don’t have a section dedicated to that, you can’t expect anything special. Most likely, just a basic proprietary web-based platform mostly used for manipulation and nothing else.

Unfortunately, a demo account is not a part of their features, and we wouldn’t risk any of our funds to test it out. Especially not after numerous warnings from trusted institutions. To learn how to choose adequate trading tools, check out our JP Markets review.

Partnership Programs

If you are satisfied with their fictive services, you’ll have to earn some extra funds. Of course, with unknown platforms, they can easily modify results and make you believe you are earning. Consequently, that leads to persuasions from the company’s side that you start sharing a word about them.

For these purposes, the company has created the Introducing Partnership Programme (IPP). Once you start bringing more people to the company, you’ll get certain rewards. But not in your bank account. Instead, everything will go to their trading account. Again, you are getting the funds you can’t withdraw.

How To Get A Withdrawal From This Company?

Lastly, but most importantly, we have to talk about withdrawals. With this firm, this sounds like an impossible mission, especially when you realize that even this firm with a license is not fully legitimate. Not to mention that their funding and withdrawal methods are non-transparent.  

Just briefly, the company reveals in its T&Cs that clients can use their own wallets. Whatever that means because it’s not specified. Keep in mind that if you are using crypto, such transfers are hardly traceable and irreversible. Since this company doesn’t share a withdrawal policy or fees, you might need this information.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The main difference between making and losing money is in the broker’s choice. But also the tools you are using. If the broker is ripping you off with fees and commissions, there will be hardly anything left for you. On top of that, if they use a manipulative platform, you can lose everything, mostly when they want it.

That’s why we always recommend our traders to trade only with Tier 1 licensed firms. This way, they ensure maximum funds protection. To maximize the results, you can start using the AI Analysis Tool as well. With this sophisticated technology, you can get precise market forecast analysis. Most importantly, nobody tells you what to do. Finally, you can enjoy trading without any pressure.

What you can do is hear our experts out and see how this, too, can benefit you. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings. Most importantly, that first meeting doesn’t cost you anything. Therefore, get in touch today!

FAQ Section

What is GSPartners Global?

GSPartners Global claims to provide blockchain-based banking and digital asset investments since 2020.

Who is the Owner of GSPartners Global?

GSPartners Global is part of GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd, just like GSTrade. The company is registered in the Union of Comoros.

How Can I Withdraw From GSPartners Global?

You can always try the regular way to withdraw the funds from any company. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to use alternative methods.

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