Journalytix Review: Delve Into the Features and Operations

Journalytix Review

Trading can be difficult and perplexing, but Journalytix’s great features make it easy to understand. It’s a useful tool for trading organizations looking to get better as well as individual traders. Keep reading our Journalytix review to learn more. 

Other than trading journals, there are many other tools you could use to aid you in overcoming the financial markets. One of those tools is an AI analysis bot which we will talk more about at the end of the article. Meanwhile, make sure to check our AllCryptoCapital review for the latest information. 

About Journalytix

Peter Daview from Jigsaw created Journalytix, an all-in-one trading platform, in 2018. It is intended to help traders, both individual and institutional, with a range of trading activities, including futures, forex, CFDs, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies. 

With features like automated journaling, sophisticated analytics, real-time updates, and more, this platform makes trading easier for both novice and seasoned traders. Keep reading our Journalytix review to learn more and meanwhile, take a sneak peek at our HighTrustCapital evaluation. 

Company Type Trading Tool
Legal name Jigsaw Trading
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Bangkok City, TH
Established 2018
Website journalytix.me
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • $47/month 
  • $399/year
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, Morocco, United Kingdom, Canada, France
Main threats Limited information;
Main perks Useful features;

Journalytix Features

You may stay informed with real-time audio news streams and economic release alerts with Journalytix’s “Day Overview.” Throughout the trading day, the “trading assistant” in real-time proves to be a useful resource. This feature-rich tool includes an audio news reader that delivers the most recent financial news and real-time economic reports. 

Real-time tracking of a variety of trading instruments, such as stocks, options, futures, forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency, is provided by this automated system. It enables the user to compile information quickly and even supplement the trading data with additional details. With all the necessary tools for managing trades at one’s fingertips, the tool aims to increase trading efficiency and accessibility.

This tool’s Advanced Analytics Dashboard offers a thorough analysis of your trading history, showing you which methods work and which don’t. It goes beyond simple calculations, investigating the unnoticed trends that directly affect your profit or loss and assisting you in drawing lessons from the past to enhance performance in the future.

Since there is no foolproof strategy, Journalytix provides a Playbook function. You can use it to store your trading rules and identify the ideal market circumstances for every setup. Think of it like your sports playbook, assisting you in modifying your tactics as the market (or game) shifts.

This function provides you with a quick summary of your performance over time. Identify the odd good or terrible days and find out what went wrong so you can replicate the success and steer clear of the pitfalls. It resembles a highlight reel for your trading profession.

Journalytix Cost

There are only two plans on offer which are available as a monthly or annual charge. The second plan’s price is hidden, meaning you have to contact the company for more information, which indicates some potential issues. 

Monthly Plan $47/month or $399/year

  • Access to real-time financial news feeds
  • Automated logging of trades
  • Unlimited trades across various markets:
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Stocks
  • CFDs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Trade notifications
  • Journal queue
  • Easy-to-use journal editor
  • Image storage
  • Day diary view
  • Risk analysis
  • Global economic news calendar
  • Trade classification
  • Free format trade tags
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Interactive trade blotter
  • Trader leaderboard

Enterprise Plan for Prop Firms/Trading Teams

  • All the features of the other plans
  • Management dashboard
  • Trade groups
  • Group/firm analytics
  • Group/firm leaderboard
  • Customized solutions for professional teams

Jigsaw Journalytix provides a variety of features and flexibility with these pricing alternatives to meet the needs of both professional teams and individual traders. Journalytix offers a monthly commitment option as well as an annual plan that can be customized to your needs thanks to its intuitive tools and insightful data.

Traders Share Their Experiences

Positive reviews of Journalytix have been posted by a large number of users, including both independent traders and several trading companies. “Cygnet Proprietary Trading” left a noteworthy review, praising the platform’s journaling functions in particular.

They revealed that, as a company hiring distant traders, they required a method for keeping an eye on fresh candidates without having to go through convoluted broker statements. They wanted to make sure they could invest money in the appropriate trading practices and methods.

At that point, they learned about the new trade analytics and journaling software from Journalytix, which works with a variety of trading platforms. They immediately created test accounts and discovered that, despite the software being in beta testing, the Journalytix team was diligent in making sure everything functioned as intended.

Who Can Benefit from Using Journalytix?

The Journalytix software helps independent traders trade more easily. Managing several accounts, currencies, and market kinds might be daunting for an inexperienced or seasoned independent trader. With its all-in-one dashboard, it saves the day by offering a centralized location to handle all of these complications.

Proprietary Trading Firms, or “Prop Firms,” can benefit from this firm in a number of ways, including enhanced trader performance, risk monitoring, and even assistance with hiring new staff. So this company is not the best if you are just starting but if you have experience behind you, this firm can aid you in many ways. 

And if you are wondering who is Journalytix equivalent to, there are many other journals and similar firms you can choose, especially if you are a beginner and this company is not a good fit. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Comprehensive Trading Platform
  2. Useful Features
  3. Real-time Information
  4. Performance Analysis
  5. Playbook Function
  1. Limited Information on Pricing
  2. Limited Company Information
  3. Potential Learning Curve

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

This brings us to the end of our Journalytix review and as promised, we will recommend a great AI-powered tool you can befriend to elevate your trading skills. But before that, we need to say that making money while trading online is a tricky business and it requires more than just time to learn. Education, strategy, time, and dedication are all crucial and play a big role. 

However, with the help of AI.F, you become the decision maker and the time of relying on shady brokers is over. With its ability to process billions of data points, it can make insightful recommendations and become an ultimate game-changer. 

With a 14-day trial we offer for AI.F, you will be able to see everything with your own eyes. But be careful because once you start, nothing else will exist and AI.F will become your number one tool. Don’t waste any time and reach out immediately to collect your free trial! 

FAQ Section

Is Jigsaw Trading Worth It?

For seasoned order book traders, the entry-level subscription is well worth the money. It will be highly costly, though, if you're new to order book trading and require sophisticated equipment.

What is Journalytix?

With an integrated real-time news feed, Journalytix is a cutting-edge automated trade analytics and journaling application.

Is Journalytix a Day Trading Journal?

A real-time news feed is integrated into Journalytix, an automated trade analytics and journaling tool of the future. The tools assist traders in learning what is and isn't working for them by revealing patterns in trading data.

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