OptionsANIMAL Review: Background, Legal Information, and Benefits

OptionsANIMAL Review

OptionsANIMAL is an educational platform offering mainly courses for options trading. This is not something regular traders prefer, but with the right knowledge, it can be very profitable.

Of course, when it comes to education, you should always look for credible sources. In general, the key principal, Greg Jensen has quite a reputation with his experience and a lot of publications. Thus, you shouldn’t confuse this Greg Jensen with the famous Bridgewater Associates member. Or that’s exactly the point? Find out in our honest OptionsAnimal review.

Company Type Options trading education company
Legal name Options Animal LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United States
Established 2008
Website Optionsanimal.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone; e-mail; live chat
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, Germany, India, Australia
Main threats A small number of user-experience reviews; lack of transparency;
Main perks None

Who Runs OptionsANIMAL Company?

The official ownership belongs to OptionsANIMAL LLC, a company incorporated in the United States a long time back, in 2008. The key person in the company is Greg Jensen. With 15 years of experience in the trading industry, he decided to help other traders with one goal. To change the model and help traders avoid taking advantage of them.

Allegedly, Greg Jensen has multiple publications in well-known newspapers, such as Forbes, Reuters, Wiley Trading, and more. However, no direct link to those articles is to be seen on their website. Which is something that any legitimate person would do. If that’s true or not, you decide for yourself.

What Other Traders Think of This Firm?

If you are looking for more comments and other OptionsANIMAL reviews, you’ll be disappointed. The reason for this is the lack of enough people sharing their stories. Which is quite strange for a company that has been active since 2008.

Anyway, there are a few comments on Trustpilot. Two, to be precise. Already, there is a 50/50 split opinion if the company is good or not.

What Are the Key Features Offered?

Important to realize is that the company is not sharing many details about its courses. There’s a whole list of potential features, but lack of proof. The course includes:

  • Live classes
  • On-demand classes
  • Weekly trades
  • Certified instructors
  • 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Phone support and more

However, they don’t offer any insight, preview, or free versions. Not to mention, they are not active on YouTube as one of the main streaming platforms. For instance, you can check our 4T Limited review and see the difference.

How Much Will It Cost You?

As one of the huge disappointments, we found the OptionsAnimal pricing is not transparent. Neither do they have an FAQ section where you can find more details. On the positive side, the company claims to offer a money-back guarantee. So, whatever you are paying, you can get it back if you don’t like it.

However, if you back out and you want your money back, you’ll have to pay a $500 administration fee. Which is complete nonsense and a perfect way to get some money out of you. To be fair, you could invest that money and use an AI Tool to multiply it in many different ways.

Thus, to get any information about their classes, you have to fill out a long questionnaire before signing up. Ultimately, those answers could lead to different offers. Anyway, this lack of transparency is quite disturbing and, for any inexperienced trader, a huge danger.

What Can You Learn Here?

Important to realize is that the presentation reveals 20 different trading guides. These include:

  • Stock selection
  • Chart reading
  • Neutral strategies
  • Aggressive strategies
  • Position sizing and many more

However, all these things could be learned for free. So, why waste time and money? On top of that, there are numerous AI tools that could replace all these 20 bullet points. For instance, the AI Analysis Tool would be a great replacement. You can send us a message and find out more.

Does optionsanimal.com Offer 24/7 Support?

In fact, no. The company is quite conservative in sharing more details about its customer support. There is a listed phone number and e-mail on the company’s website. In addition to that, we have to say it’s positive to see a live chat feature as well. Thus, working hours are not revealed.

Most likely, they are offering trading groups on platforms like Telegram, Discord, or WhatsApp. To be honest, none of this matters if you can’t make money out of it. To find out how to do it safely, check our Primiselite review.

E-Book As Another Baiting Product

On the company’s website, we can see as well a book by Greg Jensen called “6-step Guide To Investing”. With the download option, they will lure traders to get the PDF file.

Thus, they have to leave their e-mail to get it. Generally, this is something that you would get anyway once you complete the OptionsANIMAL login for members steps.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In the era of technology, learning how to trade can be far easier. Especially if you are using AI Tools. Keep in mind that these courses are taking your precious time. Still, there’s no guarantee you will be a successful trader.

Instead, we suggest you try the AI Analysis Tool and avoid years of learning. This tool helps you analyze market changes and forecast the next price movements. Most importantly, there’s no pressure from shady agents or anything. You are the decision maker.

But once you see the benefits of it, everything else will become unattractive. To find out how it all works, book your first free consultation with our specialists today.

FAQ Section

Is OptionsANIMAL Course Good?

Since there are not many reviews about the course, most likely no. After all, regardless of course, if you don’t know how to implement what you learned, you can fail.

Is it Safe to Buy the OptionsANIMAL Course?

Legally, yes. The company has a 4.2/5 rating on Better Business Bureau. Thus, according to some traders, this course is not good as advertised.

Is Learning Options Trading Worth It?

Options trading can be very useful. Thus, with top-tier licensed firms, you can expand your knowledge in other areas. Which leads to higher profit potential.

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