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Purdia Capital Review

In the complex world of trading, having the right guidance can make all the difference between success and staying in place. From evaluation programs that provide traders with the opportunity to showcase their skills and access funding, to coaching programs that offer personalized training and mentorship, Purdia equips traders with the knowledge traders need.

Company type Proprietary Firm
Legal name Purdia Capital
Regulation Not expected
Registered in USA
Established 2020
Website purdia.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected] 

+1 302 208 3067

If withdrawal is possible Available
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: /
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, India
Main threats Drwadown limits and regulatory changes
Main perks Transparency, flexibility, and range of features

User Satisfaction

Researching Purdia Capital reviews, we found that users express high satisfaction with the service provided. One reviewer commends Frank, the COO of Purdia, for facilitating a smooth transition from forex to futures trading. Another highlight is Purdia’s swift process for live funding, appreciating the opportunity it presents for traders to access funding quickly. 

The supportive nature of the team is also emphasized, particularly in aiding new traders in getting started. Despite the positive statements, there are some concerns raised regarding account statistics accuracy, particularly about Trailing Drawdown. 

Despite attempts to rectify the situation, the problem persists, potentially impacting the overall trading experience. On a more positive note, users appreciate the efficiency of Purdia’s payout process, with funds being made available promptly upon request. 

Overall, Purdia garners a respectable 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, showcasing a generally satisfied user base. However, with only 20 reviews despite being active for four years, there is potential for the firm to expand its client base through enhanced marketing efforts. Encouraging more clients to share their experiences could only benefit the platform.

Additional Ratings

We found additional feedback from other reliable sources, such as Scam Adviser, which further supports the positive impression of purdia.com. According to Scam Adviser, the Purdia Capital proprietary firm boasts an average to good trust score, indicating it is highly likely to be a legitimate and reliable website. This conclusion is drawn from various factors.

User feedback and reviews contribute significantly to Purdia’s favorable reputation. Customers have expressed satisfaction with their experiences, highlighting the website’s reliability and safety. 

While no website can guarantee absolute safety, Purdia’s positive track record and the consensus among reputable evaluative platforms strongly suggest that it is a trustworthy platform. Yet, as always we encourage users to conduct their research before making purchases from any unfamiliar website.


The firm offers a range of evaluation options catering to traders of different experience levels and trading preferences, with varying subscription fees and criteria to meet. On another note, for individuals looking for a reliable wealth management company, be sure to check out our Integrity FM Review

EOD Evaluation

Based on End of Day (EOD) metrics, with the maximum drawdown trailing the end-of-day account balance. Traders have specific profit targets, drawdown limits, and reset options. There are variations of two accounts, each with its criteria and monthly subscription fee. 

USD 100k

  • USD 6,000 Profit Target
  • 10 Minis / 100 Micros
  • USD 3,000 EOD Drawdown
  • USD 2,000 Daily Loss Limit

USD 50k

  • USD 3,000 Profit Target
  • 5 Minis / 50 Micros
  • USD 2,000 EOD Drawdown
  • USD 1,000 Daily Loss Limit

Standard Evaluation

With standard evaluations, the maximum drawdown is based on intraday performance, including unrealized gains. Similar to EOD evaluations, it has the same Drawdown and Micros. Standard evaluations are also available for both USD 100k and USD 50k accounts, with slightly different criteria and subscription fees.

Fast Track Evaluation

This Purdia Capital evaluation phase is designed for a rapid assessment, requiring traders to meet specific targets within 15 calendar days of their first trade. The maximum drawdown follows intraday performance, with criteria similar to standard evaluations. 

USD 100k

  • USD 6,000 Profit Target
  • 10 Minis / 100 Micros
  • USD 3,000 Intraday Drawdown
  • Min. 5 Trading Days
  • Max. 15 Calendar Days

Beginners Evaluation

Made for those new to futures trading, these evaluations provide a structured learning environment with safety measures. There are two steps, each with its own profit target and drawdown limits. Traders have free resets in Step 1, allowing them to learn without financial risk. Beginner evaluations come in variations for USD 10k and USD 25k accounts.

One noteworthy feature is that users can opt to reset their evaluation at any time for a fee of USD 99. All accounts have a minimum of 5 trading days, additionally, Purdia’s offerings are compatible with several platforms including Tradovate, TradingView, and NinjaTrader.

Other Offerings

Researching more about the platform’s offerings, we found another standout feature: Purdia’s 7-week coaching program. At its core, the 7-week coaching program is about more than just reaching a profit target or passing a test. Purdia aims to equip traders with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the complex world of trading. 

The program also offers a structured curriculum that covers essential aspects of trading. Additionally, each trader receives dedicated coaching and mentorship. One of the aspects we admire about a firm is when there is a free version available. Comparing offerings to other prop firms is a smart move. Look into this company to evaluate other options, Inspire Funding Review

We are happy to say that this program allows trading in a simulated environment until reaching a profit target of USD 6,000. This experience allows traders to get familiar with the platform, practice their skills in a risk-free setting, and refine their strategies along the way. Once the profit target is achieved, traders receive the Purdia Capital funded account.

Payout Rules

In terms of the Purdia payout rule, we found that the firm offers a payout structure with a focus on providing traders with flexibility and easy access to their profits, The payout rules are straightforward and transparent. Traders are required to trade for at least 10 days in a funded account and reach a profit target to qualify for their first payout. 

However, once this initial requirement is met, traders have the freedom to take payouts at any time, regardless of their profits or the number of trading days. Additionally, traders have the flexibility to withdraw any percentage of their profits at any time, further enhancing their control over their earnings. 

Final Thoughts – Purdia Capital

In conclusion, Purdia emerges as a versatile platform that caters to traders of all levels, offering many evaluation programs, coaching sessions, and funding opportunities. With a commitment to transparency, flexibility, and trader empowerment, Purdia stands out as a reliable partner. 

The only drawback of the firm is the regulatory compliance. Even though prop firms don’t have to have a regulatory license, it’s preferable they have some sort of confirmation they adhere to certain regulatory laws. 


What is Purdia Capital?

It’s a proprietary trading firm that provides traders with access to financial markets, offering evaluation programs, coaching sessions, and funding opportunities. Traders can participate in various evaluation phases tailored to their experience levels.

Is Purdia Capital Legit?

It seems like a legit prop firm, however, its regulatory transparency isn’t shown. Yet, it has a great rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot.

How to Choose a Prop Firm?

Several factors should be considered. Be sure to evaluate the platform’s challenges, user reviews, reputation, and regulation.

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