Quantum Street AI Review

Quantum Street AI Review

Since AI trading is becoming more and more popular, so do unreliable platforms. Speaking of platforms, our Quantum Street AI review delves deep into the firm’s profile to discover whether or not they are a reliable choice for traders. 

Trading is a risky business and not suitable for all. However, some still want to try despite not having enough knowledge. Due to that, we are here to carefully examine firms you want to trade with to make sure you don’t make a mistake, so remember to check our Nerostrade review. 

Who Is Quantum Street AI?

QuantumStreetAI was a division of EquBot, which we reviewed earlier. EquBot specializes in using artificial intelligence to enhance portfolio management and investment analysis. They have developed unique investment models and tools that AI powers. The adviser for the “AI Powered International Equity ETF” is listed as EquBot LLC. 

QuantumStreetAI only serves professional investors and not retail traders and makes use of IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence to give cutting-edge wealth management and investment solutions. Following EquBot’s registration as an SEC-registered investment advisor, Quantum Street AI now functions as a separate organization.

Company Type AI Trading Tools
Legal name EquBot LLC
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in 450 TOWNSEND STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94107
Established 2016
Website www.quantumstreetai.com


Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas India; United States; United Kingdom; Italy
Main threats Lack of information and license
Main perks None

Regulation Info

Sometimes platforms like this don’t necessarily need to be regulated in some jurisdictions. However, Quantum Street AI provides financial services, such as data analysis, investment research, and portfolio management, therefore they are required to be regulated. 

Unfortunately, they are operating unlicensed and due to that, they pose a greater risk than trading does usually. For example, they offer their services in the United States, where regulation by the SEC is required. Additionally, traders from the UK are also on their list but they are not regulated by the FCA. 

Quantum Street AI Profile

Quantum Street AI offers multilingual capabilities which is a benefit among many traders. They focus on serving professional investors rather than retail by providing AI-driven insight. Pricing transparency is a challenge with this platform, as official pricing information is not accessible to anyone. Users should think about learning more about AI-powered platforms before committing. 

The platform collaborates with banks such as HCBC and Deutsche Bank and asset managers to launch AI-enhanced indices. You can combine macro, fundamental, and technical signals all in one platform with over 50 themes to choose from. By using IBM Watson, this AI model can analyze millions of articles and alternative data sources.

Trading Platform AI PLATFORM

PaaS, SaaS

Account Types N/A
Financial Instruments On Offer
  • Process market signals, news articles, social media posts, and other data for over 50,000 publicly traded global companies and asset classes. 
  • Gain competitive advantage through the use of AI in research, alpha generation, and risk management
  • Using IBM Watson and proprietary AI models, analyze millions of news articles and alternative data sources along with conventional financial and market data
  • Over $5 billion in assets directly managed on the platform
  • Monitor and manage portfolios with ease
  • Receive personalized investment recommendations
Maximum leverage N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Commissions/Bonuses N/A
Mobile app Yes
Desktop app No
Autotrading No
Demo account No
Education or Extra tools None

Is Quantum Street AI Safe To Trade With?

The platform offers financial services but lacks regulation from the necessary authorities. Transparency is not their strongest suit and even at first glance, this platform doesn’t look like the right choice. If you are keen on using an AI Analysis Bot, we can recommend better alternatives. 

Take our AI Bot as an example of a reliable and stable platform. AI.F doesn’t merely trade in the dark. It carefully examines asset history, spots trends in comparable historical occurrences, and keeps up with the most recent information, both current and historical. Reach out today and you can try our amazing bot for free. 

How Is the Scam Carried Out?

Technology is prone to manipulation and so are AI bots. If you are a newbie and don’t know much, you can easily fall prey to scamming platforms. In marketing, scammers may fabricate bogus AI systems or overstate the capabilities of ones that exist. To lure victims, they might make exaggerated returns or advantages promises.

It’s critical to exercise caution, do extensive research, and confirm the integrity of any platform or broker to prevent falling into scams employing AI systems and brokerage firms like Finaguide. Always take advantage of reputable, long-standing services like our AI Analysis bot. At least you can be confident that it’s a trustworthy option at all times. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Multilingual capabilities
  2. 50,000 publicly traded global companies and asset classes
  3. Over $5 billion in assets
  4. The platform’s history is transparently presented
  1. Offers financial services but lacks regulation
  2. Pricing transparency is a challenge with this platform
  3. Lack of beneficial information on the website

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The ability to trade profitably depends on a variety of characteristics, including knowledge, strategy, and awareness. One of the cutting-edge tools that have emerged to help traders navigate the financial markets is AI analysis bots.

One such tool is our AI Analysis Bot, a powerful program that mines charts for information such as past asset prices and other data. Using complex technical analysis to predict future price fluctuations, it provides informed advice on whether to purchase or sell.  

To make our AI Analysis Bot even more accessible, we offer a 14-day free trial. It’s a fantastic opportunity for traders to advance their trading strategies, get knowledge of the possibilities of our AI technology, and even boost their profitability. Be sure to act immediately, as this opportunity to improve your trading experience is only available to the first 100 traders who contact us.

FAQ Section

What Is Quantum Street AI?

QuantumStreetAI is a specialist section of EquBot that utilizes IBM Watson's artificial intelligence to offer advanced wealth management and investing solutions, primarily to professional investors.

Is Quantum Street AI Safe?

Unfortunately, the platform is not safe to use as it provides financial services but lacks the necessary regulation.

How Quantum Street AI Works?

With a focus on risk management, Quantum Street AI uses data collecting, processing, and sophisticated AI analysis, including IBM Watson, to support its portfolio management decisions and offer professional investors cutting-edge wealth management and investing solutions.

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