Signals Blue Review: The Most Expensive Crypto Signal Provider

Signals Blue Review

Signal providers are becoming more and more popular and with them, so do scam companies. That is why our Signals Blue review is here before you commit, to make sure you’re making the right choice. The thing that separates this signal seller from others is the high price you need to pay. 

We didn’t hear many good things about this company which is why we’ve decided to review them. We cover prices, services, reviews, payment methods, and more! Stay until the end and learn how AI can boost your profit chances and don’t forget to check out Primeinv before you go. 

About Signals Blue

There isn’t any information about the firm’s owner; in fact, the company is using a paid service to hide its identity. Their team consists of people working both in Europe and North America so the signals appear in different time zones. The signals are published on Telegram after you purchase the membership plan of your choice. 

Signal Blue provides more than simply signals. They provide information to users so they can modify how they define the crypto signals service. The only thing we picked up is that they’re based in the UK, and other than that, there is no information available about the company. 

Company Type Signal Seller
Legal name Signals BLUE
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United Kingdom
Established 2019
Website signals.blue
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
  • Cornix Integration £20, £50, £100
  • API-Webhook Signals £20, £50, £100
  • 1 Month Subscription £230
  • 6 Months Subscription £300
  • Lifetime Subscription £750
If Active on Social Media: Only Facebook and Telegram
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, India, Poland, France;
Main threats Expensive pricing;
Main perks Time zone coverage;

Signals Blue Features

The services are based on knowledge and experience from traders who are working for the company. The signals provided are analyzed and discussed with professionals from all over the world before they are sent. Telegram messenger is the way Signals Blue crypto signals are shared. 

They can send signals via API (webhook and JSON) for more advanced users. Signals Blue fully supports Cornix Automation. Cornix is a popular auto-trading solution and can be linked to Binance, KuCoin, or Huobi to automate the entire trading process using signals. 

The company has original AI-dedicated software that oversees the cryptocurrency market and captures all the potential anomalies that may herald the ups and downs of specific crypto. There are various signal types and here is a breakdown: 

Short-Term (Spot): Classic buy/sell signals for altcoins, valid from a few hours up to a few days.

Leveraged: Classic buy/sell altcoin signals, but possible to use on leverage.

Mid-Term, Long-Term: Rare classic buy/sell signals for altcoins and Bitcoin for the long-term. Valid from a few weeks to a few months.

General Tips: General information about the market and the current situation. There are also Bitcoin signals. 

Signals Blue Plans

There is only one plan you can choose and it’s split into three subscriptions: 1-month subscription, 6-month subscription, and lifetime. To include Cornix Automation or API signals, an additional charge is requested. 

The monthly subscription requires a payment of £230 each month, which is much more than what the competition charges. That buys you only signals on Telegram and the signals are only 80% accurate. If you want to receive signals for 6 months, the total you would have to pay is £300. 

If however, you decide you want to receive signals for a lifetime, then a payment of £750 is required. Overall, the pricing seems too excessive compared to other, more reliable companies. So far, nothing is indicating this company is a good choice but keep reading our Signals Blue review. 

Signals Blue Reviews

The Trustpilot reviews are not the best, especially since the name of the company is Trading Group. That could indicate that the name Trading Group was replaced with Signals Blue, meaning the company transitioned. There are 12 comments in total and the majority are unfavorable. 

Almost 60% of the traders who commented experienced some issues with the company. The majority of 1-star reviews are flagged as verified, which means they provided proof of the issues they were facing. It seems that the statistics provided by the company are fake and there are many losses. According to Signals Blue Reddit, the current accuracy for the signals is 82.61%.

A lot of stop-losses were reached, and the accuracy of signals was not even up to 50th percent from May 9th to June 7th, which is different from what was indicated on their official website. All things considered, it seems that the expensive price they charge is not worth it. 

Payment Options and Process

All payments are processed by NOWPayments within a dozen minutes. The payment amount you agree on is locked on the invoice so there is no way it can increase during the payment. You must use these networks while paying, the BTC network for Bitcoin, the LTC network for Litecoin, and the ERC-20 network for Ethereum.

You can pay with credit/debit cards or cryptocurrency which include Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. If you’re paying with crypto, you can save up to $30 by paying with LTC on a transfer fee. BTC, LTC, and ETH payments are not receivable through BEP-20. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Variety of Signal Types
  2. Supports Cornix Automation
  3. Global Team and Time Zone Coverage
  1. Expensive Pricing
  2. Lack of Transparency
  3. Unsatisfactory Reviews
  4. Questionable Accuracy

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Signals are a risky thing; that is why choosing the right signal provider is crucial. Overall, Signals Blue is not the most reliable company and they’re more expensive than the competition. 

A great alternative would be Tickeron or perhaps you’re ready to truly elevate your skills and implement an analysis bot into your strategy. Just make sure to stop relying on brokers like GSL Markets

If so, our analysis bot can help out. There are many features that AI.F offers, from valuable insights to recommendations, and all that while you stay the decision-maker. 

And for 14 days for free, you can try the bot and enjoy the perks of becoming a profitable trader. Give us a call now and don’t miss out on the opportunity to become successful. 

FAQ Section

What is Signals Blue?

Signals Blue is a Telegram-based signal supplier that provides crypto signals. Through systems like Cornix, they facilitate automation and offer a variety of signal types.

Is There Signals Blue App?

No, all signals are provided on the Signals Blue Telegram group after buying a subscription.

Is Signals Blue Legit?

Signals Blue is a legitimate business, however, they are expensive and not worth the money.

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