StratiFi Review: The Fintech Business Evaluated In Vivid Detail


The term “fintech,” which stands for financial technology, describes cutting-edge technical solutions that transform and simplify financial services, including lending, investment management, digital payments, and other related fields.

StratiFi is a financial technology leader that equips advisors with cutting-edge solutions to improve their interactions, gain relevant insights, and succeed in the constantly changing investment market. Our StratiFi review is here to investigate the company and confirm its claims. 

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About StratiFi

StratiFi is a financial technology business that gives investment advisers access to sophisticated risk technology so they may have more successful conversations, relevant insights, and victories. 

With the help of the StratiFI PRISM rating system, you may give your prospects information about their portfolios that their existing advisors are unable to supply them, particularly on the amount and sources of risk.

To provide financial advisers with a fully automated and seamless way to precisely measure and manage client risk across their investments, Bridge Financial Technologies announced a new cooperation and data integration with StratiFi, the creator of the highly acclaimed PRISM RatingTM system.

Through the relationship between StratiFi and Bridge Financial Technologies, StratiFi users will have direct access to all of their client’s wealth data, allowing for greater visibility into every facet of risk—from the first stages of prospecting to ongoing client management.

Company Type Trading Tool – Fintech Business
Legal name StratiFi Technologies Inc.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 77 Geary St, San Francisco, California US
Established 2015
Website www.stratifi.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Lite Plan $299/month or $2995/year
  • Essential $479/month or $4795/year
  • Premium $979/month or $9795/year
  • Platinum $2799/month or $$27995/year
If Active on Social Media: Only on Twitter
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, India, France, United Kingdom, Canada
Main threats Very expensive
Main perks Demo account

StratiFi Features

Compliance officers and financial advisors use StratiFi. Financial advisers can expand their practice by using StratiFi to educate clients and prospects. StratiFi is used by compliance officers to track risk and lower liability. 

Robust and thorough factor-based StratiFI risk analysis software is offered by the PRISM technology. This makes it possible for you to discern between elements that raise the profit potential and those that lower the chance of loss. 

Almost every type of investment, including SMAs and Alts, may be handled by StratiFi. Stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, real estate, options, crypto, and interval funds are the most prevalent investment types that the firm supports.

StratiFi has most of the features that Riskalyze has and more. With StratiFi, firms can eliminate additional software expenses and empower advisors to focus on the right risks with a modern risk management solution. StratiFi unifies the profession on a single platform to enable smarter decision-making that boosts profits, saves costs, lowers liability, and enhances return on investment.

StratiFi Plans

Lite Plan – $2995 per year: The plan includes a risk analysis and risk tolerance questionnaire, 150 accounts, unlimited support licenses, 10 model portfolios, embed calendar, and integrations. It’s recommended for small to mid-sized firms that require basic risk analysis and support. 

Essential Plan – $4795 per year: With this plan, all features from Lite are available, including some additional ones. There are 500 accounts available, unlimited prospects and advisor licenses, investment proposals, clients and households, and branding & White Label reports. This plan is recommended for financial advisory teams needing essential features and expanded account management capabilities.

Premium Plan – $9795 per year: All features from the Essential plan are included in addition to 750 accounts, drift alerts, IPS templates, business analytics, team communication, and compliance training. This plan is recommended for firms seeking modern technology and advanced tools for efficient management and communication. 

Platinum Plan – $27995 per year: Access to 3,000 accounts, RTQ customization, advisor coaching, investment support, data migration, weekly email summaries, and additional features tailored for enterprise-level StratiFi risk management. Recommended to enterprise firms needing a full risk management suite. 

How it Works

Any adviser may offer risk assessments in a consistent, consultative manner by using the Risk Over Returns approach, which will give you a competitive edge in any market situation. You can assess risk tolerance and capacity to enlighten clients about their risk profile and investments.

To assist clients in saving money and increasing their chances of success, analyze investments, risk factors, yield, and expenses. Reduce risk by coordinating your clients, investments, and compliance with the long-term financial strategy.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Robust Risk Analysis
  2. Comprehensive Investment Coverage
  3. Risk Management and Compliance
  4. Variety of Plans
  5. Integration and Support
  1. Expensive 
  2. Limited Social Media Presence
  3. No Investor Protection
  4. Limited Geographic Reach

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Just like our TradeBench evaluation, our StratiFi review can be beneficial to traders to meet the company before committing. Making money requires time and dedication, especially in trading. Before you start, make sure to take advantage of free educational material and educate yourself about all potential outcomes. 

With the help of tools, especially AI-powered, you can elevate your skills and boost your chances of profits. One such tool is our AI analysis bot, AI.F. This instrument is a game-changer in the trading sector, processing billions of data points, including historical statistics, indicators, and current market news. 

AI.F is available as a free version for 14 days for free, without commitment. The best thing about this bot is that you are the decision-maker. There are no brokers or other agents to pressure you into investing. Do it in your own time! 

FAQ Section

What is StartiFi?

A one-stop shop for portfolio risk analysis, client risk profile, and compliance is offered by the risk management platform StratiFi, enabling businesses to manage the risks that are critical to their success.

Is There a StartiFi Demo Account?

Yes, the demo account is available on the website. You can schedule a live demo with one of their experts.

Who Can Use StartiFi Risk Analyzer?

Financial advisers can expand their practice by using StratiFi to educate clients and prospects. StratiFi is used by compliance officers to track risk and lower liability.

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