Surefxway Review: Avoid Surefxway.Com at Any Cost


Surefxway claims to be one of the largest UK-based brokers that provides customers with an opportunity to invest in forex and cryptocurrencies. They also allegedly offer a wide range of services so you can get not only the best guidance but also advice and resources needed to achieve financial freedom.  

However, after taking a closer look, we came to the conclusion that their website has a single purpose – to scam inexperienced people out of their money. Additionally, they also failed to provide some of the most basic info such as a phone number. 

In this Surefxway review, we will give you a more in-depth explanation of how this broker operates and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Additionally, you should avoid trading with dishonest brokers such as Electrum, FranceCrytoTrades, and Agap Capital Ltd.

Company  Surefxway 
Website  Surefxway.Com 
Address  72 Broad St, Reading, RG1 2AF 
Email  [email protected] 
Phone  N/A 
Minimum Deposit  $1 
Leverage  N/A 
Bonuses  N/A 
Regulation  Non-regulated 
Warning  FCA 

Surefxway Regulation and Financial Security 

Surefxway.Com review

After further investigation of their website, we could not find any mention of licenses and regulations they must follow.   

Because this broker is allegedly operating from the UK, in order to be more than just a scam, they must follow certain guidelines set by FCA. To no one’s surprise, not only do they do not have any licenses but FCA has also recently issued a warning to the Surefxway scam for not being authorized to offer financial services in the UK, and might pose a huge danger to your investment. 

Choosing to put your money in an unlicensed broker just means that you will have to deal with companies that offer online trading services without any supervision from the authorities. Most of the firms operating this way are nothing more than scammers who only seek to deceive their clients and take as much money as possible from them.  

Overview of Surefxway Trading Platform 

While conducting this Surefxway broker review we took a good look at their trading platform.  

This platform may seem like a legitimate-looking website to some inexperienced users. But in reality, Surefxway offers something that barely resembles software you could actually use for trading. 

It just has a TradingView chart with a couple of additional buttons added to it. Trading on such a thing would definitely not provide you with the most satisfactory experience as you can barely do more than just look at different graphs. 

On top of this, it is just a binary options trading platform that is already banned in the UK and the European Union and has never been used by legitimate brokers. 

If you are looking for a legit broker, we also recommend you to look for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms as they are an industry standard by now.  

Payment and Funding Method 

While browsing their site we found that they accept transactions through Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum but also Payeer, and Perfect Money.  

On the other hand, after reading many reviews we found that you are only allowed to make this deposit in Bitcoin. There are many reasons why these broker scam websites operate this way. Cryptocurrencies do not give an opportunity for calming the refund once you made your transfer.  

Another big issue with this unscrupulous broker and many of those alike is that they do not provide any information on deposit and withdrawal fees and terms. But that of course doesn’t mean they won’t charge you hefty fees once you actually ask for your money back.  

Remember that these scams can happen to anyone, so if they happened to you don’t feel ashamed.  

Always think twice before taking any risks while investing money but also don’t forget to read reviews you can find online. With these untrustworthy forex providers, you can consistently see many complaints made against the broker stating different withdrawal issues as the main problem. 

How Does Fraud Implement? 

This investment scam like many others gathers phone numbers and other personal information about people through various internet ads promising you huge wealth overnight.  

After many people get interested and decide to put down their personal information, the harassment starts. 

The Surefxway scam and those of the same kind start off by sending multiple e-mails and then come calls from various agents telling you how you should invest your money, and of course- the more you invest the more you’ll earn. Be careful about easy earnings as they are always just a fairytale to get you to invest.  

This company asks for a minimum of $1 but of course, they will encourage you to put in as much as you possibly can. 

Many customers get scammed by these agents and are told they need to put more money down, in order to get a personal advisor, and those of course does not deal with small amounts. Agents are always very persuasive until you give in and swipe your card. Be sure that once they get your money, they will disappear.   

In case you were ever scammed by Surefxway or fraudsters alike don’t feel ashamed! Scams like this can happen to anyone and getting your money back is possible just be sure to contact your bank and local authorities. 

Surefxway Summary 

In this Surefxway broker review, we gave you a thorough explanation of how this scam broker operates.   

Like any other investment scam of this kind, there are no regulations these companies must follow. So, choosing to invest your money with them is essentially just throwing your money down the drain. 

If you left your information on some random internet ad, there is a big chance you could receive these persuasive calls in order to pressure you to invest your money. Don’t get played by these fairytales you are probably going to hear and keep reporting scams to local authorities. 

We by no means are saying that you should stop investing altogether to avoid being scammed. It just means that you should stay away from brokers that are too eager for you to start investing and have basically no positive reviews online. 

If you have any negative experience with this or any other fraudulent broker, we would be grateful if you could share it with us as we can assist you by reporting your scammer to the right place. 

FAQs About Surefxway Broker 

Is Surefxway a Good Broker for Beginners?

No, the Surefxway broker is not a good choice for beginners. They’ve been issued a warning by FCA for providing scam services. 

What Funding Methods Does Surefxway Accept?

They accept Payeer and PerfectMoney e-wallets as well as cryptocurrencies for funding. However, after reading many complaints, it looks that just later is true. 

Does Surefxway Charge Any Deposit or Withdrawal Fees?

While browsing their website we found no mention of either deposit or withdrawal fees associated with these transactions. 

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