TGKK Limited Review: Reasons For Avoiding This Broker

TGKK Limited

TGKK Limited, a brand belonging to CCF Group, has many charming-sounding reasons why we should all invest there and get rich overnight. Hearing about trading without risks with the huge help of support agents and special trading tools would surely turn some heads. 

However, this was one of the many reasons why we suspect this to be a completely unregulated scamming scheme. The website presents claims about regulations but not a single proof. A fake NFA ID didn’t lead to a valid entry in the register. No FCA license exists either, despite what TGKK Limited goes on about. 

Our TGKK Limited review researches the licensing, security, and all-around potential threats hiding behind this seemingly attractive trading playground.  

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Company CCF Group
Regulation Unregulated
Warning N/A
Website tgkkam.com
Address UK (allegedly)
Email N/A
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Leverage 1:500
Bonuses N/A

TGKK Limited Regulation and Funds Security

TGKK Limited  trading platform overview

Discovering this broker’s location was like a game of hide and seek. Except in this case, when real money is involved, it’s not a game but a fight against an anonymous deceiver. We were given several locations to speculate on, so we went to check with the jurisdictional regulators if they know anything about TGKK. 

As the site mentions, TGKK is supposedly headquartered in the UK, with branches in US, Australia, and Vanuatu. Of course, exact locations are missing. But what matters is the fact that TGKK doesn’t appear in any of the databases we searched – FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), NFA (US), and VFSC (Vanuatu). We didn’t stop there, though. Just in case, we also checked with BaFin, CySEC, IIROC, CONSOB, and CNMV. 

What we suspect TGKK to operate from is actually somewhere in China. MT5 was available in Chinese and all the errors popping up and notifications on the site were also in this language. But then we discovered they also don’t show in the biggest Chinese regulator’s database – SFC. 

REgulation Warning

To even apply for a license, TGKK would have to be run by a team with the ability to invest big amounts of cash in their business. In the US this requirement is the highest in the world and it’s 20 million dollars. Next, brokers everywhere have to provide segregation of clients’ deposits through separate bank accounts. 

Some conditions may vary depending on the area we’re speaking of. The leverage cap is either 1:30 or 1:50, while TGKK offers it at 1:500. The broker also doesn’t have negative balance protection so you don’t lose your entire investment in one risky trade. Victims of this broker’s maliciousness also aren’t protected by the Financial Ombudsman. Or the special regulatory framework in force in EEA, where ESMA has put MiFID into work. 

Our conclusion is that this broker is completely anonymous and unregulated. Better beware before you make a bad investment move and invest with them.TGKK Limited Trading Platform Overview

The inability to register an account has rendered us unable to log in to the Client Portal and the trading area. 

MT5 was available for download from the MetaQuotes website, Google Store and Apple, again in Chinese. Without account credentials, we wouldn’t be able to trade at all. And although TGKK offers the most progressive technological solution for trading, you’d hardly be able to profit when you’re trading with a scammer.

If you want to trade on MT5, you should choose a regulated broker instead. They have a dedicated trading server set up, unlike TGKK.

Funding Methods Available at TGKK Limited

Not a single legal document on this website elaborates on how transfers are processed. Which transaction channels work and what fees follow the funding is beyond us. TGKK is sketchy about these actions and you will not find out anything from the site. 

Perhaps existing clients can dig up more data because they can log in to the user zone. Traders interested in investing here: are you really ready to risk losing your funds and starting a process of transaction with a shady service?

Most scammers of this type only accept crypto payments for their anonymity. Every payout is blocked and usually comes with ridiculous fees and other bizarre conditions.  

Account Types Offered at TGKK Limited

Finishing up the registration process with this broker is quite a headache. After many hardships and after finally setting up the account, we weren’t able to log in. The error that kept repeating was in Chinese and the literal translation was ‘’Domain name resolution has not yet completed, please wait a moment’’. Typical for a UK brokerage, right? No, not in the least.

In the end, we were unable to determine if there was a Demo account available at all. The same goes for the live trading account types and how much deposit they require. 

How the Scam Is Undertaken

TGKK Limited is another faux brokerage on our long list of Forex scammers. They operate based on anonymity and alluring conditions. Hence investing with them is a huge risk. 

What you should especially pay attention to are the hidden fees and bonuses that could damage your capital considerably. Charges and commissions may occur upon your every transaction or completed trade. Also when you apply for a withdrawal. 

Trading volume requirements or a certain turnover are all circumstances pertaining to payouts. These serve as excuses to block your funds and deny your withdrawal attempts.  

TGKK Limited Summary

The web of lies revolving around this site is so complex and well-hidden, we had a hard time untangling it. However, in this TGKK review, we’ve done our best to bring you closer to understanding how this unscrupulous machinery operates. 

Remember that regulation is the most crucial part of any broker’s business. Everything falls to pieces without it. That’s why you should always run another check on your broker of choice. If anything seems strange, just report them to the authorities and avoid them. There are plenty of better sites and firms with valid permits and far better service.  

FAQs About TGKK Limited Broker

What Is The Minimum Deposit at TGKK Limited?

TGKK doesn’t disclose the minimum amount of real money needed as a deposit.

Is TGKK Limited Offering a Demo Account?

Although they claim so, no Demo account is available at the present moment.

What Instruments Can I Trade with TGKK Limited?

Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies are the instruments supposedly available for trading with TGKK Limited.

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