Top One Trader Review: Are Connections With Regulated Entities Real?

Top One Trader Review

Top One Trader company is officially registered in the United States. Yet, with the company’s short life span, many might think it’s not legitimate. But once you see them mentioning regulated entities, there shouldn’t be any doubts.

If any of that is true, you’ll have to find out. Luckily, our detailed Top One Trader review brings you all the details on a silver plate.

Company type Active proprietary trading company
Legal name Top One Trader LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2023
Website https://toponetrader.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts Discord; live chat; e-mail
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees $119 to $1049 monthly fee
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Discord
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Nigeria, United Kingdom
Main threats Untrusted website; freshly registered company; allegations to be connected with regulated companies;
Main perks None

Proprietary Firms and Regulations Explained

One of the biggest downsides of prop firms is that they are mostly related to virtual trading. Therefore, zero regulations are required, considering that the company does not control the client’s funds anyhow. To be fair, The Top One Trader company shows that exactly in their disclaimer.

The trick this company might be using is the connection with a regulated entity. Even though the broker that’s mentioned has all the necessary regulations, that’s practically irrelevant with Top One Trader clients. The main benefit of working with regulated firms is that you can exclude manipulations. At least you are safe in that way.

But the problem is that traders are trading on a demo account. So, once you register with the Top One Trader, you are practically giving them authority for regulated demo account registration. You could do it yourself as well.

What Do Other Traders Think of This Company?

Anyone who checks Trustpilot for Top One Trader reviews would find only positive comments. In fact, 50 out of 50 reviews come with a positive rating. Yet, this company is not licensed. Therefore, none of that matters. Especially once you realize that none of those traders mention the regulated entity that this company is advertising.

How Does the Top One Trader prop firm work?

The principle of this company is quite simple. Traders are passing the evaluation steps to get the live-funded account. As long as they are in the challenge phase, traders are paying monthly fees. However, the problem is that the company states that traders get up to 90% of the profits gained even on challenges.

If you think about it, you will realize the issue. The first option is that the company gives you a virtually funded account in exchange for a fee paid with real money. In return, you get the funded account, and you keep up to 90% of the profits gained. Doesn’t make sense because the profits are also virtual and on a demo account.

The second option is that the company provides clients with real funds.  To get there, you just have to pass one challenge, and they allegedly fund your account up to $200k. Would you risk $200k with a stranger?

What Are The Steps To Get a Live Funded Account?

In the first place, clients have to prove that they are experienced and profitable traders. As long as they are in the challenge phase, they are paying the monthly fee. Which is apparently refundable up to 150%. Traders can choose between two options: 

  • 1-Step “Flash” challenge
  • 2-Step “Pro” challenge

Both challenges include the same fees for specific funded account amounts. The only difference is in the trading conditions. The fees range from $119 for $12.000 on a demo account up to $1.049 for $250.000. But to avoid getting scammed through different account types, we suggest you read our Keler Group review.

How To Pass The Challenge?

To get to the live account, you have to meet certain requirements. The gain target for the 1-step phase is 10%, while for the 2-step challenge, it is a bit lower. Between 5% and 8%. Sounds easy.

But there is a daily loss limit of 5% and a trailing drawdown between 8% and 10%. On the positive side, EAs and advanced tools are allowed. But keep in mind that Top One Trader is not regulated.

 Is The Top One Trader Legit?

Generally, the company is promoting its partnership with Think Markets brokerage, which is indeed trusted and reliable. However, none of the links lead to that website directly. Neither does Think Markets mention this firm anywhere on its website.

In addition to that, there’s another irregularity with this firm. They are misleading traders about the awards on the website. These awards are not directed to the Top One Trader. Also, if you check the who.is database, you will see their domain is registered in mid-2023.

How To Contact Top One Trader Support?

In general, the company doesn’t reveal any working hours. On top of that, their contact options are only available behind the keyboard. None of the options allow traders to have audio contact with the company’s staff.

So, you have the option to reach them via e-mail, live chat, and Discord channels. But for tips about support problems, you can also check our Finutrade review.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

As a disclaimer on the website says, all the services here should be understood as fictitious trading. Therefore, getting any profits is pure imagination. Instead, traders should look for live accounts and trusted brokerages.

The biggest downside of regulated firms is that traders need to know how to trade. But lately, traders started using advanced technology, such as AI Analysis Tool. It helps them understand the market movements better and predict future price changes.

In combination with the trusted platform, this AI Analysis Tool can be very helpful and profitable after all. Most importantly, traders who use this tool don’t have any pressure from brokers. Not to mention that the client itself is in control of its funds. All in all, the safest option out there. To see all the benefits AI Analysis Tool can bring to you, get in touch with our trading specialists today!

FAQ Section

Is Top One Trader Legit?

According to the company statements, many would say they are legit. However, deep research shows you that you can expect various obstacles along the way.

How Much Does Top One Trader Charge for a Funded Account?

The fees may vary depending on the amount the trader wants to get funded with. The costs are between $119 and $1049 per month.

What is the Top One Trader Profit Split?

The basic profit split with the company is 75% but with some upgrades, traders can get up to 90% profit split.

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