Tradercr Review: Never Deal with Trader-Cr.Com

Overview of scam broker Tradercr

Tradercr is a definition of an anonymous online financial services provider. Much like Fiboda, which we’ve reviewed before, this firm also presents itself as a reliable virtual trading platform. Yet, nothing on their vague website has managed to convince us they’re as great as they claim to be. 

It is absolutely impossible to find out where this broker is exactly located. We can’t pinpoint one address where their office could be found. The only way to contact them is via email and an online form. You won’t even know the name of the owning company! Not to mention the lack of details pertaining to funding, trading, and pricing. 

Our Tradercr review is our best attempt at shining light on this shady scheme, so read on if you’re interested in investing here. 

Furthermore, we highly recommend that you avoid the scam brokers Monfex, BizzTrade, and Trubyx.

Company Tradercr
Regulation  Unregulated
Warning N/A
Website Trader-Cr.Com
Address N/A
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage N/A
Bonuses N/A

Tradercr Regulation and Fund Security

Tradercr goes around offering their questionable services to many traders around the world. And they do so without owning a valid license to prove their legitimacy. For a broker today to be eligible to sell their products and services, a regulation is mandatory. Tradercr holds none. Keep reading this review to see how we found out.

A suspicious brokerage we’ve already reviewed before, FTSFX, does something that’s called company cloning. This is an advanced scamming technique used to deceive customers into believing a firm is a legit conduct.

However, Tradercr isn’t that skillful. They do not even refer to the fact they’re unregulated, even though they should be. The site doesn’t even make an effort to convince us of their credibility, that’s how unskilled and see-through they are. But since they target EU customers mostly, let’s go through the major regulatory standards for EEA:

  • Beginning investment of 730 000 EUR
  • Segregation of funds through separate bank accounts
  • Leverage ratio of up to 1:30
  • Negative balance protection
  • Compensation fund
  • Absence of bonuses
  • Transaction reporting and transparency

Additionally, Europe has an independent regulator – ESMA (The European Securities and Markets Authority). The body enforces MiFID – a set of regulatory rules referring to increased customer protection and AML measures.

Tradercr goes against all the aforementioned criteria. It’s the reason why they’d not be able to obtain an EEA license. And although the licensing rules may be slightly different in Canada, where they also operate, Tradercr would still be labeled as a fraud without a certificate. 

Tradercr Trading Platform Overview

Tradercr Trading Platform

Tradercr won’t allow seamless registration and joining. It seems like they prefer to handpick their new victims. You have to contact them first before you can open an account. Our access to the user panel was automatically denied because of this. Being opted out from the client area also means inability to get to the trader, since no other ways of accessing one exist on the site. 

Reputable brokers will usually provide download links to multiple platforms available across all devices. But not Tradercr. What they advertise as an ultimate trading tool with numerous advantages remains a complete mystery. And we aren’t taking the empty promise as an undeniable truth. Our single impression is that Tradercr does not even provide a trading platform of any kind. 

Account Types Available

Tradercr Account Types

Pay attention to how well Tradercr has organized its ideas in this section. The goal is to sell their imaginary services, so advertising unreal features serves that purpose. From daily trading signals, special VIP events, advanced research and education, tighter spreads, and higher payouts, Tradercr lists everything they could come up with. It all sounds very alluring, but unreal nonetheless. Take a look at the accounts prices:

  • Basic – $250
  • Gold – $25 000
  • Platinum – $100 000
  • VIP – $500 000

Tradercr Deposit and Withdrawal

It looks like our attempts to gather information on account funding without a proprietary user account were futile. None of the legal docs explain what funding methods are available. Withdrawals are as vague. 

The policy pertaining to the process only mentions the necessity to process the payouts through the same bank account or credit card the deposit was made. We can’t confirm the truthfulness of this statement. 

Tradercr is more meticulous when it comes to warning traders about the fees they apply. Firstly, there’s a 1% fee for all executed trades and a stable $75 quarterly fee. As for the transfers like deposits and withdrawals, fees are supposedly covered by the firm, which we don’t believe is true. 

How the Scheme Was Put Into Practice

Don’t get us wrong, Tradercr looks as elegant and professional as they come. Their website is quite comprehensive and the information given does spark interest in novice Forex traders. But that’s exactly the catch. 

After picking out a target, Tradercr agents will tirelessly exhaust them by bragging about their perfect offer until the victim invests. Then they’re all set to start the perpetual game of cat and mouse. 

It ends with the investor becoming unable to deposit more. So they ask for a refund. At that moment, everything takes a 360-degree turn and the friendly agent becomes a ghost.  You know you’ve been scammed when all the payout requests get denied and fees and charges just keep piling up.  

Tradercr Overall Summary

Anonymous Forex service providers are never a good option for a partner on the market. Besides the difficulties you face when attempting to register and trade, our Tradercr review also explains the ugly outcomes. It’s inevitable to lose and not be able to get your money back with Tradercr.

After all, scammers and swindlers of this kind base their actions on lies and false promises. It’s what eventually brings them profit. That’s why they’ve become so good at it. So better stay away and choose a broker that will always have your back in trades. 

FAQs About Tradercr Broker

Is It Safe to Use Tradercr for Trading?

It is not safe to trade on a platform that wasn’t previously regulated and confirmed as licensed and secure.

Does Tradercr Offer a Demo Account?

This broker doesn’t offer a Demo account. Only several types of live trading accounts are advertised.

What Is The Funding Method of Tradercr?

Tradercr doesn’t disclose the available methods for depositing. Withdrawal Policy mentions credit cards and bank wire transfers but it’s not confirmed they work.

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