Trading Heroes Review: How Can Tradingheroes.com Benefit You?

Trading Heroes Review

With the help of the right tools, time, dedication, and education, anyone can become a trader. There are many educational resources online you could use for free or in the end, you can subscribe to a trading academy and learn from them. But that brings us to the question, are trading academies reliable? 

That question brings us to our Trading Heroes review, where we evaluate the company head-to-toe to help you make more informed decisions. Is this company good? Can you actually learn something? Stay tuned and find out. And also, don’t forget to read our IntraO review as well. 

About Trading Heroes

Trading Heroes was established in 2007, by Hugh Kimura. There isn’t much information to pull out from the web about the owner, however, after checking ScamAdviser, we got a 54 trust score, which is low for reliable companies. The data-sensitive services on this website are stored on a shared server, which is never a good thing. 

As you delve further, more red flags start emerging, leading us to believe this company isn’t the right choice, just like Everrise Brokers. There isn’t even a reliable source or review to read about this company and the only contact is a web form, which could be inconvenient for some traders. 

Additionally, the legal name of the firm seems to be TrueLiving Media LLC, however, after accessing the website it says they were established in 2013 but there is still no content on the site. Either way, further research is required to make a conclusion, so keep reading our Trading Heroes review and learn more! 

Company Type Trading Education
Legal name TrueLiving Media LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 44047 N 43rd Ave, Unit 75281 Phoenix, AZ 85087
Established 2007
Website www.tradingheroes.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • NakedMarkets backtesting software $249
  • Forex Tester 5 $299
  • Custom EA’s $47
  • TradeStacker EA for MT4 $297
  • Risk Multiple Trailing Stop Loss EA for MT4 $297
  • Custom Indicators $47
  • MetaTrader 4 Programming Course for Beginners $297
  • Time Marker and Alert Indicator for MT5 $47
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5: EA / Indicator / Script Installation Service $199
  • The Forex Hedging Challenge $27
  • Zen8 Forex Hedging Program (Version 3) $888
  • StrategyEVO // Manual Forex Backtesting Mastery Program $97
  • TheSnap Trading Strategy Report $197
If Active on Social Media: Yes, on all major networks
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas Australia, India, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa;
Main threats No reviews; Expensive; 
Main perks Variety of free educational resources;

Trading Heroes Features

There aren’t many features a trading academy can offer besides various educational resources such as articles, tutorials, videos, and guides. They cover various aspects of trading, including strategies, technical analysis, and risk management.

Other than the resources, there are also interviews with experienced traders sharing their tips on how to overcome the financial markets. Information and guidance on different trading strategies, tips, and techniques. The Trading Heroes TradingView profile is also active, which could give you insightful recommendations. 

There is also an opportunity to interact with other traders, discuss your trading in forums, and join communities to share experiences. Courses and training are an additional cost and there are also tools you can use free of charge. 

Trading Heroes Plans

Trading Heroes doesn’t charge a monthly subscription and instead, all the material that would be beneficial for you to learn is an additional cost. There are various courses you can buy and the cost is not very appealing. For example, backtesting software and EAs can cost up to $47, while a Forex Hedging program costs $888. 

The cost is not at all appealing as you can see, and even though it says most of these things are at a big ‘discount’, it’s still a lot of money. Companies are offering better services for much less, and Trading Heroes doesn’t even provide a free version before you commit. 

Trading Heroes Articles

There are also a lot of educational articles you can read, including blogs like the best Forex tester alternatives, Trading Heroes trading journal instructions, how to profit by Hugh Kimura, chart templates, MT4 and MT5 tutorials, hedging strategies, and a variety of other blogs. 

The articles and tutorials are free to read but if you decide you want to try their course, you have to do it blindly because there is no free version available to test their services. Either way, we don’t recommend using this company. 

Trading Heroes Resources

The company’s website offers a variety of educational resources you can use for free if you don’t want to pay. However, that is all reading material and the actual courses are an additional cost. The material they offer includes blogs, videos, tutorials, and many others. 

Some of the materials included are trading books, forex trading software, trading journals, recommendations of forex brokers, cryptocurrency Trading Heroes hardware, psychology books, free trading tools, and many more. 

Furthermore, you can also listen to the Trading Heroes podcast just to get an idea of what the company is and what they do. They interview Forex traders and industry experts to find out how they achieved success and what they do to improve their trading to help you improve yours. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Wide Range of Educational Resources
  2. Interviews With Experienced Traders
  3. Opportunities to Interact With Other Traders
  1. Lack of Transparency
  2. Unclear Information About the Company’s Background
  3. High Prices
  4. Absence of Reviews

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

This brings us to the end of our Trading Heroes review and according to everything we’ve gathered, this company is not the best choice for traders. There are other, much cheaper companies you could choose to ensure you get what you’re paying for. 

That said, we have an amazing AI analysis bot that can elevate your skills and boost your chances of profits. It can forecast future price movements, process billions of data points, and provide you with insightful recommendations. All of that for a cheap price. 

The best thing is that we offer a 14-day trial to all traders who want to experience AI.F. Book your free consultation with one of our specialists and enjoy 2 weeks of hassle-free trading. You can stop relying on shady brokers for help; with AI.F, you are the decision maker. 

FAQ Section

What is Trading Heroes?

Trading Heroes is an online resource that specializes in forex trading and aims to assist traders in improving their abilities and succeeding in the financial markets by offering techniques, training materials, and advice.

Is Trading Heroes Forex Education Good?

According to everything we’ve gathered, the Trading Heroes Forex education or any other type of education they offer is not sufficient to learn how to trade and is a waste of money.

How Much Does Trading Heroes Cost?

Trading Heroes doesn’t have a monthly or yearly subscription which would give you access to the entire material, instead, some of the Trading Heroes trading education resources are free but the courses are an additional charge. You can find the full list of materials and prices here.

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