TrueTradingGroup Review 2024: A Trading Academy With Impressive Reviews

TrueTradingGroup Review

We recently stumbled upon this trading academy and its impressive reviews, so we had to write the TrueTradingGroup review you’re reading today. This academy is not only transparent but also affordable, and it offers a variety of features catering to traders of all types. 

The business has been with us since 2014 and ever since, the pristine reputation among its traders is what keeps them going until this day. This firm is praised everywhere you go and just by looking up the name you can see for yourself. 

But we need to investigate deeper, despite everything looking great. So keep reading our review and learn more about TTG and we advise checking out Invest505 as well. Let’s begin! 

About TrueTradingGroup

TTG is widely recognized and established in the United States. One of TTG’s lead traders, Michael Edward, is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning hedge fund trader, and curriculum developer for all skill levels. 

TTG does not revolve around a single trader showing off their wealth or boasting that their system is the greatest ever developed. Rather, their trading team regularly identifies lucrative setups and assists members with trade execution.

You will get knowledge about trading penny stocks, small caps, large-cap big boards, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and options as a member of TTG. You will be given market and economic news, taught how to analyze it all, and most importantly, how to make money off of it. 

Company Type Trading Academy
Legal name True Trading Group, LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 1501 Venera Avenue, Suite 225, Coral Gables, FL 33146, US
Established 2014
Website truetradinggroup.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • $3 Trial Fee
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, India;
Main threats Refund complaints;
Main perks Affordable; Impressive reviews; Effective;

Legal Information

TTG is not regulated, however, since the company is focused on trading education and providing such resources, it’s not required to be regulated by law. However, it’s still important to check regulatory requirements in your country to make sure. 

That said, the academy implements other security measures like protecting your personal information and providing a secure payment gateway. According to ScamAdviser, the trust score for their website is 100, meaning they are perfectly safe. 

Regulation falls onto the broker you want to use after education so we recommend choosing a reliable company and not someone like Crypto Daily Trade

TrueTradingGroup Features

You can purchase a trial to see some of the firm’s features before committing. This is a valuable perk, given that not many academies provide it. Through foundational, advanced, and options trading courses, traders will begin to refine their trading techniques and pave the path to financial success.

A daily watchlist, a pre-market strategy, and live chatroom coverage will be a part of your daily routine. Every day, seven experienced moderators will answer your queries and call out deals in real time. Not to mention the support is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

The free trial includes all the features you would get when buying the annual subscription, however, it’s only limited to 7 days. Here is a breakdown of the resources and courses available: 

  • Trading Chatroom with Active Stocks and Options Traders
  • Real-Time Stocks and Options Alerts
  • Benzinga Pro Live Streaming News Feed and Squawk
  • ​3 Samples of the TrueTradingGroup Course
  • Real-Time Scanner from Trade Ideas Streamed Live

TrueTradingGroup Price

The trial isn’t free and to get a glimpse of all features and the company in general, traders need to pay $3. It’s nothing compared to what the competition charges if it even provides a trial. As the annual subscription wasn’t available on the website due to the free trial, we had to reach out to customer support. 

An agent responded immediately over live chat and answered our queries. The price for the annual membership at the time of writing is $1,039 and the agent was kind enough to provide us with a lifetime members offer and add 1:1. 

Considering how expensive some platforms are, this is quite a deal! But remember that learning about options can be done online and with time and practice, you can become an options trader without paying someone to teach you. 

TrueTradingGroup Reviews

Impressive reviews are everywhere on Trustpilot but not so much on Reddit. More than 2,400 traders left a comment on Trustpilot and the overall score is 4.7 stars. However, traders on Reddit seem to think that you can learn about options for free by watching YouTube videos instead of paying someone to teach you. 

While that isn’t focused on the company itself, traders are right. Learning about options is manageable and practice makes it perfect. The majority of unfavorable comments about this academy are mostly the same and are focused on refunds, unfortunately. 

In the terms and conditions, it is stated that there are no refunds besides for traders who can provide proof of the money-back guarantee promotion. This lack of transparency led to more than 10 complaints with the Better Business Bureau

Payment Options and Process

The only available method is PayPal, which pretty much serves as a gateway. Credit/debit cards are the standard procedure and all major cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express are accepted. 

If you sign up for an annual membership with True Trading Group and a money-back guarantee is mentioned or offered on a checkout page or in writing, a refund will be provided to those traders. Other than this opportunity, TTG has a no-refund policy. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Offers a $3 trial fee to explore features
  2. Wide range of educational content
  3. Established in 2014
  4. Impressive reviews on Trustpilot
  5. Customer support is responsive and helpful
  1. No refunds
  2. More than 10 complaints with the Better Business Bureau related to refund issues

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

True Trading Group LLC is a great academy overall but the refund complaints got us wondering. While it is a lack of transparency that caused it, it’s still something to consider before making a decision. However, after TrueTradingGroup education, trading begins using some of the popular tools like an analysis bot, which brings us to AI.F. 

If you’re still not completely confident in your abilities, AI.F will help you in every way. From analyzing billions of data points and providing recommendations to allowing you to stay the decision-maker, you will notice that this tool is the ultimate game-changer in the trading world. 

And for 14 days for free, you can experience all of its features with no commitments. Test its capabilities, play around, and enjoy the risk-free demo. Call us now and book a consultation with our professionals to learn how AI.Fundevity can be your life-changing experience. 

FAQ Section

What is TrueTradingGroup?

TrueTradingGroup is a trading academy established in 2014, providing education, resources, and features for traders of all skill levels.

Is TrueTradingGroup Legit?

TrueTradingGroup is considered a reliable and trustworthy academy with positive reviews, although some skepticism exists, particularly regarding refunds.

How to Find a Good Online Trading Broker?

Finding a good online trading broker involves considering factors like regulation, reputation, fees, and available features; thorough research is essential to ensure a suitable choice for your needs.

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