Wetalktrade Review: Head-to-toe Evaluation of Wetalktrade.com

Wetalktrade Review

Today, with the help of tools like this or trading academies like Thomas Kralow, traders can elevate their skills and start trading more profitably. If the company is reliable that is. If not, the only thing increasing will be your loss chances, which is why due diligence and research are crucial.

We talk about the reliability of this company in our Wetalktrade review. Find out more about the firm and its features and make informed decisions. Our fact-checked evaluation brings out everything, including reviews, reliability, payment options, and more! Keep reading and learn everything about this company! 

About Wetalktrade

WeTalkTrade is an online platform that provides trading signals, analysis, instructional resources, and market insights to help traders in the financial markets. The platform offers both free and premium services to help traders of all skill levels make well-informed trading decisions. 

It covers a variety of financial products, such as stocks, commodities, FX, and cryptocurrencies, to assist traders in their search for profitable trading methods and an understanding of the market. The company is based in the US, and since 2014 they served traders in various nations. 

Company Type Trading Tool
Legal name We Talk Trade
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE, USA 19808
Established 2014
Website wetalktrade.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Pipbreaker $250
  • Velocity Finder $450
  • Expert Trading Robot For MT4 & MT5 $47
If Active on Social Media: Yes
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas India, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
Main threats Costly Indicators; Some potential issues;
Main perks Market Coverage; Free services;

Legal Information

Tools, prop firms, signal sellers, and similar companies are not required to be regulated. However, we would still recommend working with a company like PHI 1, that has a license despite not being required to have one. That said, We Talk Trade is operating without one. 

In terms of security, this company doesn’t offer much. There are even reports of traders canceling the subscription and being charged later either way. That indicates a lack of security, which is why we always recommend working with regulated companies. 

However, it’s not a red flag that this company works unregulated, so don’t let that stop you from working with them. So far, they seem like a reputable business but keep reading our Wetalktrade review before you make a decision. 

Wetalktrade Features

The main feature of this company is signals, however, there are other benefits one can enjoy upon subscribing such as indicators, educational resources, an EA trading panel, and more. In regards to Wetalktrade signals, various assets are accepted. Currencies, metals, cryptos & indices. You get signals with precise TP & SL on all asset classes.

The signals get immediately executed on your account and then you can copy trade on the powerful MT4 platform. The company claims the signals are 80% accurate to hit the target and generate profit in the forex market. The UI is very elegant and simple and can be easily understood and used by any trader.

Additional tools such as indicators and others include Pipbreaker for MT4, velocity finder neural trader with best forex trading strategies, MT4 session indicator, newsfeed indicator, expert trading robot for MT4 & MT5, an Economic Calendar, and blogs about trading. All of that is available on the Wetalktrade app that you can download from Google or the App Store. 

Wetalktrade Plans

WeTalkTrade provides both free and premium services; while some content and signals are available without charge, their premium subscriptions allow access to more features and services. The signals are offered for free and some indicators like the Pipbreaker, Velocity Finder, and Expert Trading Robot for MT4 and MT5 are an additional cost. 

Other indicators are also offered for free and there is no subscription required. However, the price of the Velocity Finder indicator is $450, which seems costly compared to the competition. Either way, most of the firm’s services are free so who are we to complain? 

Wetalktrade Reviews

There are over 40 comments on Trustpilot; while the majority are positive, more than 30% are all 1-star reviews. The feelings about this company appear to be mixed, and where one trader had a great experience, the others experienced only issues. 

The advice about gold that the company offers can only result in losing money, according to one of the traders. After canceling the subscription, one trader was charged 2 years after and wasn’t able to get his money back. Traders are also not happy with the indicators, as they appear good at the beginning but later they’re proved not to be working. 

The reviews are overall good, except for a couple of traders. Either way, relying solely on reviews is not enough to make a decision, so make sure to keep reading our Wetalktrade review to learn more about the company. 

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

There are various payment methods to choose from, including credit/debit cards like Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, and other methods such as JCB, PayPal, Bitcoin, Stripe, and Diners Club. The payment is DMCA-protected and secured. 

You can conveniently use your credit or debit cards to make payments for a Premium Signal Subscription. Instant access to Premium Signals will be granted to you upon successful completion of the payment. There are no refunds and the subscription needs to be canceled if you don’t want to use it anymore. 

In the case of premium signals, the payment is also not refunded, however, you can test the free signal in your demo and live accounts for as long as you want and you won’t be charged anything for this service.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Diverse Services
  2. Market Coverage
  3. User-Friendly Interface
  4. Free Content
  5. Free Trials for Indicators
  1. Costly Premium Indicators
  2. Signal Accuracy Claims
  3. Some Negative Reviews

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In today’s modern age, companies like Wetalktrade are very common and they can help you elevate your skills and boost your chances of profits. However, as you’ve probably already noticed, AI-powered tools are becoming more and more popular, which is not surprising at all. 

With AI tools, you can enjoy insightful recommendations while remaining the decision-maker in the process. One such tool is AI.F, a powerful analysis bot that will change your perspective and make you a powerful trader. 

Besides the ability to process billions of data points, make insightful recommendations, or forecast future price movements, it can do much more! We suggest booking a consultation with one of our experts to experience the true power of AI.F. Call us now and try it for 14 days for free, with no commitments. 

FAQ Section

What is Wetalktrade?

WeTalkTrade is an online platform offering trading insights, analysis, and educational resources for traders.

Is Wetalktrade Legit?

WeTalkTrade is a legitimate and reliable platform offering trading insights.

Can I Trust Wetalktrade To Give Me Good Signals?

While WeTalkTrade provides good trading signals, trust in their accuracy may vary, so it's best to conduct research before relying solely on their signals.

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