W2W Capital Review – Truth Behind This Scam Broker

Overview of scam broker W2W Capital

W2W Capital site welcomes new visitors with promises of them being a top Forex and CFD broker. Along with the supposedly superior service and trading conditions, W2W Capital vows to provide the most respected trading platform in the market – MT4. 

All that would indeed sound nice and convincing if the company offering this wasn’t an unregulated offshore agency established on the notorious island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Not only that but W2W Capital has already been recognized as a monkey business targeting Spanish investors. 

Obviously dangerous and untrustworthy, W2W Capital has earned our attention. Our team diligently investigates this illegal affair and brings you a detailed report in the form of this W2W Capital review.

Furthermore, we recommend that you avoid fraudulent brokers such as Stam Capital Invest, MorganFinance, and Aiko Markets.

Company W2W Capital LLC
Website W2WCapital.Com
Address St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage Up to 1:500
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Unregulated, offshore scam
Warning CNMV, FSMA

W2W Capital Regulation, and Security of Funds

W2W Capital  broker

W2W Capital is registered in SVG and doesn’t even try to conceal that fact. The doubt about W2W Capital not being licensed comes from the simple fact. You see, the financial authority of SVG does not regulate forex and CFD brokers in the country. This has made SVG a productive ground for the rise of unscrupulous firms aiming to defraud traders. 

However, since our investigation needs more information to come to a valid conclusion, we went to look through registers of regulated brokers that financial authorities keep. After going through several databases kept by FCA, ASIC, CySEC, BaFin, NFA, CNMV, and FINRA, we can say the results weren’t at all good for W2W Capital.

It appears that the Spanish top-tier regulator CNMV has already warned the public about the fraud. Belgian FSMA has also detected their suspicious activity and did the same. You can check the links from the introduction for more.

Being blacklisted by one of the most influential EU regulators makes W2W Capital obviously not a brokerage house you can trust. In order to obtain a license, EU brokers have to invest a hefty beginning capital, store investments in segregated bank accounts, and be fully transparent. Decreasing the risk of sudden losses is done by limiting the leverage and implementing negative balance protection. 

Besides the mentioned, there’s a range of other conditions imposed by regulatory bodies. By that, we mean ESMA  and MiFID directives against money laundering and financial terrorism. 

This brings us to the conclusion that W2W Capital doesn’t follow any of the legal directives and doesn’t provide trading in a safe environment for anyone. 

W2W Capital Trading Platform Overview

W2W Capital doesn’t make a single mention of a trading platform on its site. Naturally, we had to look into that and attempt to access the trading terminal. Our tries only resulted in failure as it was impossible to register an account with W2W Capital. 

The error that kept appearing every time we tried to reach the page was notifying us that the site is unfinished. In short, the registration page doesn’t even exist.

Due to this not-at-all-surprising turn of events, W2W Capital doesn’t allow new users to join. Without being able to get to the client area, you can’t get to the trading platform and the site doesn’t offer any download links anyway. After learning this, we can’t even be certain if W2W Capital has trading software to offer at all. 

Regulated brokers allow joining with a Demo account and downloads are always available. W2W Capital is not a licensed broker, so its operation doesn’t comply with any regulatory framework. 

Funding Options Available

Since the Terms and Conditions document doesn’t cover deposits and withdrawals, we had to rely on the shallow website data. That didn’t prove overly helpful either, considering the single table explaining transactions is vague and unclear. 

Apparently, the only way to deposit cash is via credit and debit cards – Visa and MasterCard to be precise. The site also mentions wire transfers and cryptocurrencies but we could confirm none of it. 

All transfers should be free of charge if we were to believe W2W Capital. However, that is highly risky and could result in loss, so take with a dose of caution whatever W2W Capital proclaims. 

Being out of reach, the user area couldn’t reveal anything more to us either. One certainty is that you have to pay at least $250 to join the site. Either way, what W2W Capital should be most transparent about is where they miserably fail to earn their investor’s trust.

The Methods Used in the Fraud

Taking a look at this broker won’t immediately reveal the vicious intentions of this unscrupulous trading site. Moreover, their self-glorification is adding to the impression of greatness, honesty, and genuine service. 

The sad truth behind the voices of always friendly and confident agents is that they have chosen you as a novice trader for their next victim. 

The bridge of formality between the salesman and the potential investor is easily overcome. Soon enough the boiler-room emissary will be convincing you to invest huge amounts of money under the pretext of the possibility of much bigger returns. 

Of course, it’s all lies and illusions pilling up and they all serve a single purpose of getting money out of you. As soon as you attempt to get your investment back or withdraw some of that enormous profit, it turns out it was all fiction and you have only lost while earning nothing. 

W2W Capital Summary

As our brutally honest broker review proves, this website is a con artist’s creation with the mission of robbing common traders. There is not a single reason for trusting W2W Capital – we’ve laid out plenty of evidence for that. 

First off, they’re unregulated, unlicensed, anonymous, and shameless liars when it comes to every single aspect of how they conduct their business. Since it is so, we also took the time and brought you some recommendations. Far more trustworthy and transparent, these brokers are immeasurably more quality than W2W Capital. 

Heinous W2W Capital is definitely a site to stay away from, and if you have any experience dealing with this con, share it with us!

FAQs About W2W Capital Broker

Is My Money Safe with W2W Capital?

W2W Capital is not a safe site to invest with. They’re unregulated and do not follow any legal directive that defines honest and regulated broker business.

Does W2W Capital Offer Demo Account?

The website doesn’t offer the possibility of opening a demo account. As a matter of fact, registering a live trading account is not an option either since the page is broken.

What Trading Instruments are Available at W2W Capital?

Tradable assets at W2W Capital are currencies, stocks, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

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